Alec Baldwin’s daughter shares horror over man’s period stain comment in shop

Alec Baldwin's daughter Ireland was left horrified after a man told her of a period stain on her pants and asked her to "plug it up".

The 25-year-old model branded the incident at a local pharmacy store as one of her "top five worst things" that had happened to her as she shared the details to her fans on Instagram.

In a video from inside her car, she says: "I just want to say that probably one of the top five worst things that’s ever happened to me just happened, and I’ve been through some really, really f***ed up s***.

"But there's nothing worse than a male, a white male wearing a MAGA hat, so we know which side he falls on.

"Coming up behind me in a CVS and telling me that I have a period stain on my pants. There’s just nothing worse."

She added in the caption: "Red White and EW… he told me to plug it up."

The clip garnered nearly 60,000 views and stirred a discussion on social media.

Some viewers showed their support to Ireland as they said the experience could be "unnerving" for others.

One wrote: "As a girl, it's super unnerving and uncomfortable to have someone speak to you this way!"

Another commented: "Do y’all not understand that men look at periods as disgusting when it’s nothing women should be shamed for? Do you understand there are nice, politer ways to express things?"

Some viewers said the man was trying to help, even saying Ireland had "the audacity" to say it was "one of the top five worst things".

But she bravely hit back: "The audacity a man has to tell me to plug it up disrespectfully.

"It's not the worst thing that's ever happened to me."

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