Alex Guarnaschelli Gives a Tour of Her Kitchen and Reveals the 'Most Sentimental' Item in It

Like any chef, Alex Guarnaschelli has put a lot of thought into her at-home kitchen.

The Food Network star recently took PEOPLE on a tour of her favorite space, and while the whole kitchen is undoubtedly the "heart of the house” for Guarnaschelli and her family, she revealed one special item that holds a lot of sentimental value.

"The kitchen is an unbelievably sentimental place, and we’ve got a lot of special equipment," Guarnaschelli tells PEOPLE in a video shot by her "overqualified camerawoman," daughter Ava.

"Especially chefs and their knives," she adds. "This is my dad’s cleaver… he cooked Chinese food for a hobby and this is the cleaver he would use. So I’d come to the door and he would have all these little bowls and all sorts of little prepped up stuff and he would always cut everything with this, so whenever we take this out of the drawer and use it, we think of him."

"That’s what a knife or cleaver can do," Guarnaschelli continued. "It passes from person to person, generation to generation, definitely the most sentimental item in my kitchen."

Next she gave a quick peek into her refrigerator. "People always want to know what’s in a chef’s refrigerator," she joked.

"This is not just my refrigerator at the restaurant, this is the stuff that I like to eat," Guarnaschelli added. "When you’ve got a 12 year old who’s very discriminating and discerning, you’ve gotta have a lot of stuff."

Her refrigerator is packed to the brim with homemade sauces and jams, as well as chicken liver pâté that her boyfriend, Michael Castellon, made.

Some advice from the chef? Store your oils in the refrigerator (instead of over the stove!) to keep them from going bad.

For more from Guarnaschelli, you can catch her hosting Supermarket Stakeout on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on Food Network.

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