Alice + Olivia’s Stacey Bendet launches job platform for creatives

Alice + Olivia CEO Stacey Bendet has launched a job platform for creatives and artists that will serve as a gallery to show off projects and a place to find work opportunities.

Launching Tuesday morning, Creatively will begin as a free platform and won’t establish any membership fees for “some time,” Bendet tells Page Six.

“We’re hyper-focused on launching and nurturing our community,” Bendet said. “Down the line, we plan to offer a monthly and annual subscription to companies for posting jobs.”

Bendet, 41, came up with the idea for the app and website out of frustration with hiring within her own clothing company as the brand continued to change and grow before the coronavirus pandemic.

“I found creative needs in various departments changing and hiring off of existing professional tools inefficient,” she explained, noting that many artists and creatives were turning toward more “nomadic” lifestyles as they preferred to work remotely or internationally.

“The need was there to give creatives a better place to showcase their work and to provide employers with a more intuitive way to assess that work,” she said. “If you’re a creative or if you’ve ever hired a creative team, you know the truth is other professional networking sites don’t properly serve the community and don’t allow us to discover talent or see their work easily, all in one place.”

Initially, Creatively was set to launch in the fall, but the pandemic pushed Bendet and Creatively CEO Greg Gittrich to move up the release to spring to help “creatives, who are in dire need of work, as well as the companies and brands that rely on them,” she said.

Brands included in the launch are Drybar, Black Tap NYC, Alice + Olivia, Neiman Marcus, Monkeypaw, Vince and Tripadvisor.

Though much of the world — including New York City — is “on pause,” Bendet is encouraging artists to keep working.

“Take this moment to focus on you and be creative,” she told Page Six. “Focus on your family, your loved ones, and try and create new things even if only for your love of creating.

“But most importantly be optimistic, the world will not be this way forever!”

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