Amanda Holden strips naked at home as her kids get annoyed with racy exposés

Britain's Got Talent star Amanda Holden admitted that that she constantly annoys her two daughters, Lexi and Hollie, as she strips naked while at home.

Speaking to Stella, Amanda, 49, opened up about her body confidence and the effect she hopes it will have on her two young daughters.

When asked about what Lexi, 14, and Hollie, eight, think of her skimpy outfits, she insisted that the two girls aren't bothered about what she wears on Britain's Got Talent.

She said: "What really annoys them is that I’m naked at home. Last night I went to say goodnight to Lexie wearing only my shower cap and she screamed, 'Mum! I’m on FaceTime! Why do you always have to be naked?'

Adding that she hopes her body confidence will rub off on them, she added: "It’s so hard for girls now, and if Lexie ever starts a sentence with, 'Do you think I look f…', I cut her off with, 'Do not even say that word in my house.'"

The blonde bombshell, who looks younger than ever after 20 years on TV, also revealed that if she ever does get surgery, she wouldn't reveal what.

She said: "As a woman, I have always shared sneaky things I do in terms of creams or covering roots, but at the moment I’m in a position where I can be honest, because I haven’t had surgery.

"When I do – because I probably will – I don’t know whether I will tell people I have. But I think women are allowed a bit of mystery, aren’t they?"

This comes after Amanda received heavy backlash for her racy outfits during the semi-finals of the 2020 series of BGT.

She racked up over 200 complaints from viewers after they claimed her daringly plunging dress was revealing her nipples.

Amanda quickly defended herself from the outcry as she insisted she was wearing a corset and ensured she wasn't exposing too much to the camera, before adding she was baffled by the attention her assets were getting.

Her friend Piers joined in on the joke as he appeared on Heart FM to tell her: "I was one of those people who complained to Ofcom about your dress,’ he explained.

"But I only complained because I thought that you were wearing too many clothes."

BGT returns next year on ITV.

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