Amazon Shoppers Say These Comfy Face Masks Feel Like ‘Your Favorite T-Shirt’ — and They’re 50 Cents Each Today

Black Friday may be one of the best times to add big ticket items to your cart, but it’s also a smart time to stock up on everyday essentials. Whether it’s hand sanitizer (this 128-ounce bundle of Germ-X is only $25!), deodorant, baby essentials, or oral hygiene products, tons of basics are majorly discounted on Amazon today. Even face masks are going for unbeatable prices, like these comfy cotton masks from t-shirt brand Gildan.

Right now, you can get a 48-pack of Gildan’s popular masks for just $20 — that means each one is going for just 48 cents each. The reusable cloth face masks have over 2,600 five-star ratings from shoppers who swear they’re so soft, they feel just like “your favorite t-shirt.” Made from 100 percent cotton, the three-layer masks feature two ties that go around your head and have a water-resistant outer shell.

While 48 masks may seem like a lot, it’s a great purchase for anyone with a large family, or someone who has to wear a face mask daily — you’ll never have to worry about finding a clean one while your other cloth masks are being laundered.

Buy It! Gildan Reusable Cotton Face Mask, 48 Pack, $20 (orig. $39.99);

“The price is unbelievable for these well-made masks,” one shopper wrote. “They are professional-grade durable material on the outside but soft cotton inside. These not only fulfill masking requirements but being triple layer and tightly woven fabric, I feel they are very effective.”

Many customers also say they are comfortable and breathable enough to wear during long shifts. Another wrote: “I worked a 12 hour shift last night and it was the first mask I’ve tried that stayed super soft, comfy, and cool the entire time.”

48 cents for a reusable mask that feels like your favorite tee? Sounds like a steal to us.

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