Amir Khan: Kell Brook ‘shouldn’t be that upset by my failed drug test’

“I am not surprised that he is upset over what happened, [but maybe it is hypocritical] because he is still happy to fight against Conor Benn.”

Khan was referencing Brook’s potential comeback against Benn, who failed two drug tests in 2022.

“He won the fight, so he shouldn’t really be that upset,” Khan continued. “At the end of the day, it is a business. He is going to try put me down, you are just beating a man when he is down.

“I was the one that got caught, I was the one that tested positive. But look: It is what it is, I am taking it on the chin. I could hide away, but I have come here to prove my innocence.”


Khan and Brook’s long-awaited fight settled a fierce rivalry between the Britons.

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