'ASTERISK Archive 002 Zine for IDEA' Continues Its Look at Apple Computer's Side Products

Continuing its look at Apple Computer’s side products, Hong Kong-based vintage purveyor ASTERISK is now releasing its latest ASTERISK Archive 002 Zine for IDEA.

Serving as the follow-up to ASTERISK Archive 001.5 Zine for IDEA, the new print features 76-pages of images chronicling apparel and more that the Cupertino, California-based company released over the years. Each page of the zine breaks down items, noting the official name, release date and even sizes and measurements for a complete view. It is important to note that each item was painstakingly collected by ASTERISK since its conception and prominence as a Hong Kong cultural staple.

Priced at £30 GBP (approximately $40 USD), take a look at some of the Apple Computer’s items featured in the super-limited ASTERISK Archive 002 Zine for IDEA is already sold out on IDEA, but DAIKANYAMA TSUTAYA BOOKS and BELOWGROUND will see a continued release.

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