Attention-seeking rabbit chucks the remote away when owner wants to watch TV

Pets aren’t always conducive to an efficient work environment.

Your cat might sit on your keyboard, a dog might want to play fetch, or they might just distract you with their cuteness.

One teenager, however, found that she can’t even enjoy her downtime and watch a bit of TV – because her rabbit keeps throwing the remote away.

The adorable bunny rabbit appears to have a big problem with his owner watching television.

Thumper the one-year-old rabbit repeatedly throws the TV remote on the floor when his owner Isabell Taylor, 13, is trying to watch her favorite shows.

The furry pet likes the limelight and doesn’t enjoy his owner’s attention to be divided.

Isabelle, from Oregon, has just had to get used to the naughty rabbit’s antics.

Isabelle said: ‘He likes a lot of attention so he was probably moving the remote to make me pet him.

‘He also likes to pretend to dig in the couch, and I think the remote gets in his way.’

Isabell’s mum Kim said that Thumper is always getting up to mischief in their home.

She said: ‘He’s a fun little bunny, he’s super sweet, he likes to be cuddled all the time, so if you stop cuddling him he’ll find a way to get your attention.

‘Every time Isabelle makes his bed he rips it apart immediately.

‘He makes us laugh a lot with all his little stunts.’

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