BABY-G Releases Camouflage Pikachu Into the Wild

BABY-G is amping up it’s Pokémon collaboration with a second watch based on fan favorite, Pikachu.

The partnership launched last year to celebrate BABY-G’s 25th anniversary with a digital watch emblazoned in stylized pixel outline graphics relating to Pikachu, the 25th Pokémon in the Pokédex, as a nod to the franchise’s gaming debut on the Nintendo Game Boy.

This second watch, an analogue and digital model, instead uses taupe and pink Pikachu silhouettes of a female Pikachu with a heart-shaped tail to form a DPM camouflage pattern on the watch’s band and keeper. The watch’s metal caseback also features an engraving of the same Pikachu image with Pikachu x B-BABY branding.

The hands have also been designed to evoke the image of Pikachu whenever they reached the watch industry’s favored 10:10 or 01:50 photoshoot pose (it usually shows off the brand logo best and is felt to be more positive than shooting a watch with the hands dipping below the horizon line).

You couldn’t release a Pikachu into the wild without its own Poké Ball so it’s fitting that the watch comes packaged inside one and with no mention of this being a limited edition you shouldn’t have any problem catching ‘em all.

The BABY-G also comes with more digital complications than most expensive mechanical watches could hope to pack in, including 29 time zones, 24-hour stopwatch, countdown time, five daily alarms, calendar accurate until 2099 and LED illumination. For more information, visit the G-SHOCK web store.

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