Baby Otter Duo Wiggle into the Great Outdoors for the First Time at London Zoo

You "otter" know that you might be able to sneak a peek at the new baby otters living at the ZSL London Zoo.

The two Asian short-clawed otter pups, nicknamed Bubble and Squeak, have started exploring their outdoor habitat with their parents Pip and Mathilda.

Born on April 15, the duo has spent the past few weeks bonding with their parents in their behind the scenes indoor habitat (called a holt), but have recently ventured into the great outdoors under the watchful eyes of Pip and Mathilda. During these outdoor explorations, mom and dad shepherd the pups around the exhibit to make sure they don't stray too far.

"We set up cameras to monitor their progress, and were overjoyed when we spotted Pip and Mathilda finally carrying them outside — otter pups don’t leave the family holt for at least the first six weeks of their lives, so they’re perfectly on schedule," ZSL London Zoo senior zookeeper Laura Garrett said. 

"Both Pip and Mathilda are very paws-on parents and have been devoted to their pups, barely leaving their side — we're so pleased that the Zoo has reopened in time for the public to see the whole family start to playfully explore together on their private riverbank," Garrett added. 

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