‘Bachelorette’ Contestant Blake Moynes Is Sticking Up For Cats

Sorry, dog people.

Cat lovers, get ready to fall for Blake Moynes from The Bachelorette (that is, if you haven’t already). Since wrapping up on set, the wildlife manager has been back home in Canada making up for lost time with his pets. And after sharing a video of him cuddling his cat in an Oct. 18 Instagram Story, a heated cat vs. dog debate broke out in his DMs.

"I was not intending to create controversy," he explained on his Story, adding that he doesn’t choose cats over dogs, or vice versa. "I would say I’m just an animal person in general." Blake also understands that canines are typically more social, which is why many prefer them. "I think as humans, it’s easy for us to be selfish, and we love creating a bond with animals," he said. "And naturally, dogs are gonna do that for us."

Blake continued, encouraging dog people to try rescuing a cat. "If you ever own cats, I think you’d be on my side to say cats are awesome and they have their own personalities," he said. "I challenge you. I promise you it’ll probably change your mind for the better." His closing statement was strong: "Don’t tell me how much you love animals and tell me you hate cats."

Since arriving home, Blake has also spent lots of time with his dog Koho, whom he rescued five years ago. On Oct. 4, he wrote a heartfelt post celebrating his "Gotcha Day." "I didn’t know exactly what I would be signing up for with a 2.5-year-old rescue dog," he wrote. At the time, Blake also wondered if Koho would struggle with anxiety and stubbornness, among other things. Ultimately, it was a good match. "I rescued because I wanted to give an animal a life they didn’t have before," he added. "I constantly remind myself that it was never about me in the first place. It was always about him."

With Koho at his side, Blake spent what was left of summer outside — mudding, fishing, and taking cool drone shots at his remote cottage. He and his family recently celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving, for which he shared a family pic with his siblings and their dogs. "The 6 of us kids can be a lot of work," he captioned the post. "Mom, thanks for putting up with us and for thanksgiving dinner … Coming back again tomorrow for leftovers, sorry."

Although he *probably* didn’t end up with Clare, Blake seems to be making the most out of his post-Bachelorette experience.

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