Barack Obama: Humans could go extinct within 100 years if climate change is not tackled

Biden prioritising climate change is 'mistake' says Pompeo

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Global warming is one of the most pressing matters humanity faces. Now, former US leader Barack Obama has warned that if society does not deal with it now, it may be too late. In an interview with the New York Times podcast The Ezra Klein Show, Mr Obama warned time is running out.

In a wide-ranging interview, the ex-White House incumbent was asked how society would judge humanity in 100 years time.

Mr Obama responded by saying that he was not sure if any humans will be around in a century.

He said: “Well, if we don’t get a handle on climate change, then if there’s anybody around to judge us, they’ll judge us pretty harshly on it.

“Because the data’s here. We know it. One thing that I think maybe the pandemic has done is to start getting people to think in scale.”

However, in a roundabout way, Mr Obama said the coronavirus pandemic may have shone a light on the climate problems we face.

He added: “You can actually put a dollar figure to what it would take to transition to a clean economy. It’s in the trillions of dollars a year globally.

“But when you think about how much was spent and how much was lost in one year, as a result of the pandemic, suddenly, making investments, obviously, in public health systems immediately says, oh, that’s a pretty good investment.

“Similarly, maybe it opens up people’s imaginations to say, we can actually afford to make this transition. There are some sacrifices involved, but we can do it.”

A report released earlier this year suggested life on Earth is nearing the brink, and many people struggle to comprehend the seriousness of it all.

The paper, signed by 17 scientists, state that as there is a delay on the destruction of an environment to the consequences it produces, many people struggle to grasp the seriousness of the situation.

Climate change will lead to mass migrations from the equatorial regions either north or south.

The destruction of rainforests, most notably the Amazon, will increase the rate in which the planet warms.

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It will also lead to a huge loss of life for creatures which are pivotal to the ecosystem.

The paper said: “Humanity is causing a rapid loss of biodiversity and, with it, Earth’s ability to support complex life.

“But the mainstream is having difficulty grasping the magnitude of this loss, despite the steady erosion of the fabric of human civilisation.

“Ours is not a call to surrender — we aim to provide leaders with a realistic ‘cold shower’ of the state of the planet that is essential for planning to avoid a ghastly future.”

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