Barstool’s Dave Portnoy: Sofia Franklyn lost ‘Call Her Daddy’ battle by being an ‘idiot’

Daddy will shed no tears for Sofia Franklyn.

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy commandeered the “Call Her Daddy” Instagram account on Tuesday to respond to Sofia Franklyn’s recent video statement, in which she claimed that her podcast partner and former friend Alexandra Cooper stabbed her in the back as the pair attempted to renegotiate their three-year deal with Barstool.

“She said a whole lot of f–king nothing,” Portnoy said in the video, adding that Franklyn, 28, didn’t even mention the elephant in the room: her boyfriend, HBO Sports executive Peter Nelson, who The Post reported was shopping the pair to other podcast networks. Nelson, nicknamed “Suitman” by fans, even reportedly landed them a deal with Wondery while they were under contract with Barstool.

“She didn’t even mention ‘Suitman.’ It felt like to me that she was just getting ready for a lawsuit … And to be honest that’s the vibe I’ve had from her and her lawyers … for the last two weeks. Like she f–king said she was going to sue us for the ‘Call Her Daddy’ IP when she and Alex were still a team,” Portnoy claimed in the video.

Portnoy also said Barstool, which is now selling “Suitman” merchandise, owns 100% of the “Call Her Daddy” brand, despite Franklyn’s claims that she owns 50%.

Cooper, Franklyn and Nelson did not respond to The Post’s requests for comment.

On Sunday, Portnoy addressed the “Call her Daddy” drama, claiming that Cooper and Franklyn first attempted to leave Barstool for Wondery, but he extended a sweetheart deal for them to stay and even offered to shorten their contract by six months. Cooper wanted to return while Franklyn was a holdout. Portnoy said that she then lost her chance to get 50% of the show. Franklin did not address the Wondery deal in her latest video and no one has denied the deal existed.

“I feel bad for Sofia in a way, because I have such a big f–king heart. But you did this all by yourself. You can’t cry about getting stabbed in the back, when you were stabbing us in the back,” said Portnoy, claiming that he has texts to prove it.

Portnoy said he would still be willing to give Franklyn her own podcast because he is a “friendly guy,” but that she “lost the ‘Call Her Daddy’ battle by being an idiot and listening to bad f–king advice from bad f–king people.”

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