Bazzi Admits to Letting 'Drug Problem Get Out of Hand' amid Pandemic: 'I've Been Very Unhappy'

Bazzi is getting candid with his fans about his mental health.

On Tuesday, the "Mine" singer, 23, shared a revealing and open letter to his fans detailing his drug and drinking issues triggered by the pandemic — and promises he's "going to get better."

"i think we can all agree the last few months have been pretty s—," he wrote on his way to the studio. "i'd like to be honest & say i think i've also handled this time pretty bad. i've been very unhappy."

"i've let a drug problem get out of hand, i've been drinking my boredom away, i've had no sense of structure or anything to work or live towards," he continued. "i feel myself becoming so bitter towards a world that i once loved so much & i hate it. that bitterness has caused me to distance myself away from everyone. it’s caused me to want to burn bridges so i can be alone in my understanding & i'm exhausted."

Bazzi ended the note with some encouraging words: he's ready for change.

"i'm tired of letting the weight of the world hold me down," he wrote. "i don’t have anything else really to say or some sort of silver lining to encourage but i figured saying something is a good start. have a good tuesday."

The singer followed up the note, writing: "i don't want to be sad anymore."

On his Instagram story, he thanked his fans for supporting him and made a promise to work on himself.

"life can be a lot less hard if we do it together," he wrote. "i got all of you like you got me. i'm going to get better for all of us."

The singer also used the time to respond to fans asking about recently surfaced Twitter accusations about his character.

"it's difficult to address 'allegations' when [there] aren't any. just some random account saying they heard a rumor.. from highschool.." he wrote. "anyone who knows me knows i would never do that & it's very damaging to real survivors of sexual assault to cloud that space with falsities."

The singer then responded to a fan who asked why he hadn't addressed the supposed rumors sooner.

"truly asking, am i supposed to come online and say something isn't true every time some random account tweets something?" he replied. "i thought i've done a good job these last 4 years communicating & sharing who i really am. i just thought the ones who paid attention would know."

"i'm sorry for the ones i [disappointed]. i was in a place where i wanted to watch things burn. i didn't care what people thought of me," he added, replying to another fan. "i'm only human & i swear to god i am trying my best."

Bazzi's candid letter and responses come weeks after he dropped songs "Crazy" and "I Don't Think I'm Okay," in which he sings about feeling lost and his "killed self-esteem."

The singer told Men's Health at the start of the pandemic that he would have been going on his biggest tour yet on the heels of his 2019 album Soul Searching. He admitted that isolation had taken a toll on his mental health.

"I believe that when motivation's the most difficult to find, that's the most important time to put your head down and get to work," he told the outlet.

If you or someone you know need mental health help, text "STRENGTH" to the Crisis Text Line at 741-741 to be connected to a certified crisis counselor.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, please contact the SAMHSA substance abuse helpline at 1-800-662-HELP.

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