BBC presenter Naga Munchetty forced to apologise to guest after cutting them off

BBC presenter Naga Munchetty was forced to interrupt one of her guests live on the radio when an urgent update came in.

Naga, 47, was speaking with guests on BBC Radio 5 Live yesterday (25 May), but had to quickly wrap up the conversation when breaking news came of Sue Gray’s report.

She apologised to her guest and quickly shut the conversation down as soon as news came that Sue’s very long-awaited report was finally released.

The conversation about the Partygate scandal with Financial Times Political Editor George Park and The New Statesman’s Rachel Cunliffe had to be cut short.

At the time, Naga was discussing the security of Tory seats in constituencies and how the scandal has affected confidence in the conservatives.

They were talking about the Tiverton scandal, where the former MP Neil Parish was shockingly found to be watching pornography in the House of Commons. Naga grilled the two on their opinions, with George responding: “I think that will be seen as a really crucial event.

“Tiverton is my hometown actually so I know it quite well. It is a rock solid Tory seat, has been all my lifetime. 24,000 conservative majority.

“If the Conservatives lose that, then there will be lots of sucking teeth. It’s always difficult to tell when the mood is against a leader…”

Naga said: “I’m going to interrupt, okay, I am so sorry I am going to interrupt.

“This report has now been published,” she announced.

The presenter dropped a bombshell on the report, telling her audience the findings were “damning” and apologising to George for having to cut him off.

Civil servant Sue Gray carefully scrutinised the government’s conducted throughout the pandemic and the breaking of the rules during the height of the covid lockdown.

Naga asked her guests if they had access to a computer so they could also read the report at the same time, with George saying he had people “waving across a desk” at him, so he had to leave the show.

Sue’s intense report goes in depth as she investigated the parties the Prime Minister Boris Johnson and no. 10 staff attended while everyone else was meant to be socially distancing and practically in lockdown.

She found that the parties got wild, with someone being sick and others getting involved in a brawl.

The report concludes with Sue finding “failures of leadership and judgement” across no. 10 and the Cabinet Office and that is “should not have been allowed to happen.”

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