BBC pundits are left STUNNED at decision to resume Denmark vs Finland

‘Today is not the day to play a Euros game’: BBC trio Cesc Fabregas, Alex Scott and Micah Richards are left in ‘SHOCK’ after Denmark’s clash with Finland is continued following horrific scenes involving Christian Eriksen

  • Denmark vs Finland was resumed just hours after Christian Eriksen collapsed
  • Midfielder was rushed to hospital and is in ‘stable condition’ after incident
  • Alex Scott, Cesc Fabregas and Micah Richards questioned decision to play on
  • Eriksen is able to breathe and speak after his collapse, his agent says 
  • The Danish FA said Eriksen was able to speak to his team-mates on Saturday
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BBC pundits Cesc Fabregas, Alex Scott and Micah Richards were left in shock after Denmark vs Finland was resumed less than two hours after Danish midfielder Christian Eriksen collapsed on the pitch forcing the game to be suspended.

The Euro 2020 Group B match was halted at around 6pm after worrying scenes saw the 29-year-old stumble to the floor midway through the first half before he was given CPR on the field and rushed to hospital.

Eriksen was reported to be in a ‘stable condition’ in hospital and UEFA made a shock announcement just hours later that it would resume ‘following the request made by players of both teams’ with the match kicking off again at around 7:30pm.

Alex Scott and Cesc Fabregas were shocked after Denmark vs Finland was resumed just hours after the game was abandoned after Chrstian Eriksen collapsed on the pitch

Micah Richards was similarly shocked but pointed out it was a good sign of Eriksen’s condition

After it was reported Eriksen was in a ‘stable condition’, play was resumed just hours later

After coverage was resumed, BBC trio Fabregas, Scott, and Richards questioned the decision to play again so quickly.

When asked if he was surprised the game continued this evening, Fabregas replied: ‘Yes am. Because today is not a day to play the Euros game. It’s just a moment to realise how grateful we are. 

‘If it’s their (the players’) decision then spot on. Well done to them they are strong enough mentally to cope with it. 

‘It’s hard to understand mentally how they did it. It’s very, very sad but fair play to them and I hope for a good second half.’

The Danish midfielder was rushed to hospital after stumbling to the ground in the first half

It was later reported that Eriksen was conscious following the horrific incident while Peter Moller, technical director of Denmark, told Danish TV that he has spoken to the rest of the squad. 

On this news, Scott added: ‘I think that’s all the news that we can concentrate on. A football match has just resumed but that’s the positive thing. 

‘We saw those scenes in the first half, but he’s pulling through and we hope he continues to pull through and that why I’m starting to smile again because of your positive news that we’re all getting. 

Finland went on to record a historic victory after Joel Pohjanpalo’s header secured 1-0 win

But the victory was overshadowed by the first half incident after game was finally completed

‘To see a football match just resume, I’m still in shock.’

Presenter Gary Lineker responded by saying: ‘It’s bizarre but it’s such a good sign isn’t it because there’s no way they would have played on if he was in serious jeopardy now.’

In agreement, Richards said: ‘I agree it’s a good sign and we’ve got to be positive.

After the match was completed with Joel Pohjanpalo’s header securing a historic 1-0 win for Finland, Richards added: ‘I couldn’t have done it after the scenes that we’d seen. It was a very difficult watch so I’ve got a lot of admiration for the players.’

Fabregas was of similar opinion, adding: ‘We still can’t believe how they managed to do that. 

‘You see all the players, they were crying. They were conscious of what was happening at that moment so fair play to them and well done.’

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