Best Gazebos To Buy 2021 | The Sun UK

WITH the summer on the horizon, we’ve picked out the best gazebos for your garden that will keep you covered come rain or shine.

Read on to find out what type of gazebo to go for and some of the most popular options around.

If you're looking to spruce up your garden – be that for a one-off event or even a more permanent fixture – there are a range of gazebos available to suit your budget, taste and requirements.

Whether it's a pop-up, waterproof, or even wooden gazebo, each option has its own pros and cons.

A waterproof gazebo made from hard-wearing polyester is like a really stylish tent. You can use it for camping, meals al fresco or a designated outdoor play space for kids.

A pop-up gazebo is another smart investment – these are easy to set up and take down when you need.

If you're looking for a gazebo for year-round use then a wooden gazebo is a stylish choice and works well over hot tubs too.

You'll also find gazebos with built-in LED lights and shelving – ideal for outdoor grilling and impromptu meals under the stars.

Gazebos are available at every price point – well-made designs start at under £50 and can exceed £1,000, depending on material and size. We've picked out some of the most popular ones around.

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