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WANT A celebrity-style blowout but without the price tag?

Then why not get the best hair dryer possible to guarantee a professional salon style finish at home.

Look fabulous, save time and keep pesky stray hairs at bay with high tech hair dryers that do the hard work for you.

There are a plethora of products on the market to suit all hair types and needs. From minimising damage with ceramic-coated grilles to wrap around dryers for ultimate blow-dry volume, but how do you know the right one for you?

If you have curly or fine hair it’s worth looking for a dryer with cool settings as hair can dry quicker and will damage the hair less.

Wrap hair dryers otherwise known as blow-dry brushes are also the new thing! They give that glossy celebrity style blowout but without the price tag of visiting a top salon.

And lastly, don’t forget accessories! Some dryers come with straightening brushes or curl wands, which are particularly helpful if you like to switch up your style and get a very defined look that leaves hair looking lustre and glossy.


Read on for our roundup of the best hair dryers, and get stylish tresses with no stresses…

1. Best Hair Dryer for Straightening: GHD Air

  • ghd Air Hair Dryer, £109 from Amazon – buy here

Not just the king of the straighteners, GHD does a rather nifty hair dryer, too. So good in fact, it’s gathered a bit of a cult following.

It’s not particularly lightweight but thanks to some clever design tweaks, and a well-balanced barrel, it's surprisingly easy to manoeuvre. 

Plus it boasts ‘advanced ionic technology’ (ions pass through the grille to tame frizz and control flyaways).

There’s a strand-smoothing nozzle, two power and temperature controls, and a super-long cable so you can dance around the room while you’re styling.

It is great for all hair types, including very thick and long hair, thanks to its powerful motor that cuts down drying time.

Read our full review of the ghd Air hair dryer here.

2. Best Hair Dryer for Smooth Finish: BaByliss 3Q

  • BaByliss 3Q Hair Dryer, £59.99 from John Lewis – buy here

You don't have to spend a fortune to get the latest and lusted-after frizz-fighting heat technology.

This affordable Babyliss beauty has just that among many other talents, which include three heat and two-speed settings, a cool shot button for setting and a slim mane-friendly nozzle. 

We tried it on freshly washed hair and it was simple and easy to use, while also being lightweight- a godsend for the regular blow-dry devotee!

Its advanced airflow technology also means it gives a super-fast drying – even on thick hair, without overheating or drying.

You'll never be late for work again. Ok… we can't guarantee that, but we can promise you'll love this easy to use slimline hairdryer ready to get gorgeous glamorous hair within minutes.

3. Best Hair Dryer With Advanced Technology: Parlux Alyon

Get a professional blow-dry at home with this salon-worthy styler that has all the professional elements you need for a salon finish.

Its stylish design (who doesn’t love an iridescent sheen?!) means it looks great but also with its handy features, performs well too.

The Italian connoisseurs of hairdryers made them withstand professional environments ie be used all day. We gave it the home blow-dry test which consisted of several factors. How much arm ache did it give us? With its 425g weight, absolutely zero! How professional did it look? With its different nozzles that fit easily on and make the styling process SO much easier, it looked pretty pro after we finished. And how good are its functions and settings? With frizz preventing ions to help disperse water quicker and its warm and hot settings with cool shot worked well. The result? It passed with flying colours! And, as if we had to point it out…How amazing is that gorgeous metallic colour? It's a gold star from us.

  • Parlux Alyon Jade, £129.95 from The Hairdryer – buy here

4. Best Budget Hair Dryer: Wahl Max Pro

For a quick, easy and affordable dryer, this Wahl number does the trick.

It's lightweight and so easy to hold up high, as you attempt to style the back of your hair. 

It comes with two heat and two-speed settings.

Elsewhere, there's a removable air filter for easy cleaning and a cool shot button to set your style at the end.

Like you just stepped out of a salon… (and paid pennies for the privilege).

  • Wahl Maxpro Hairdryer, £22.68 from 123 Hair and Beauty – buy here

5. Best Luxury Hair Dryer: T3 Cura Luxe

Smooth, soft and sleek are just three words to describe taking the T3 Cura Luxe out of its box. But this luxury hairdryer doesn't just look good, it also does the same to hair too! Beautiful outside and powerful on the inside, we tested this hairdryer on dry damaged hair and were pleased that thanks to its ionaire technology it gave a frizz-free smooth finish.

We put this hairdryer to the test to see if it added some much needed va-va-voom to our hair and was pleased that it gave volume, shine and also helped de-frizz, which is the secret for a long-lasting salon style blow-dry.

We blowdried from wet hair and found it really easy to control and concentrate on each section. The Ergonomic slant handle also helped with the dreaded arm ache that can happen when drying, meaning we were able to get it smoother quicker- without the need for taking a break!

It has other handy additions like a professional length cord of 2.7m, a quiet motor and a lightweight body making it the perfect travel companion to take with you wherever you go. We were hooked!

  • T3 Cura Luxe, £235 from John Lewis – buy here

6. Best Hair Dryer For Thick And Curly Hair: Remington D3190 Ionic Conditioning Hair Dryer 

Thick and curly hair can need a different approach to straight hair, including how you brush, what products you use and of course, drying.

Ionic, ceramic, and tourmaline technologies reduce frizz and static and help to dry hair fast. If you're also a fan of curling tongs and straighteners, you may have experienced some heat damage, with breakage and split ends.

Ionic, ceramic, and tourmaline technologies reduce frizz and static and help to dry hair faster and if the nozzle attachments are used well and, factoring in the frizz-fighting ionic technology, you may not even need to use your straighteners with this sleek finish. One male fan in his late Forties said, 'I look awesome thanks to this product!'

  • Remington D3190 Ionic Conditioning Hair Dryer, £22.93 from Amazon – buy here

7. Best Volume Hair Dryer: Revlon Pro Collection One Step Dryer & Volumiser

The Revlon Hair Dryer is here to shake things up with maximum volume for that just stepped out of the salon look.

It's a lightweight brush with two settings warm and hot. The hot setting works well for when you are in a rush and dries it super quickly. The warm one gives a gently dry for when you have time to really set the blow-dry.

As the brush barrel is quite large you can do really large chunks of hair. Similarly, it is good for smaller pieces too while we recommend using setting clips for a longer-lasting blow-dry.

The price is great for this so we were hoping it would give good results- and we can confirm it definitely does! If you're looking for a great, but simple hairdryer in the form of a blow-dry brush, then this may not be the one for you.

  • Revlon Pro Collection One Step Dryer & Volumiser, £59.99 from Boots – buy here

What is the best hairdryer?

There are many great hairdryers on the market that can help make your hair look smooth, sleek and gorgeous. But when looking for one, it can seem hard to find the best hair dryer with so many on the market.

Try to find one that has features that work for your particular hair type. There are ones made specifically for thick hair, curly hair, fine hair, damaged hair, dry hair and more. There are also ones for volume, curling, straightening, keratin smoothing and long-lasting.

Look at the speed settings to see how many they offer and you may want to have a cool button that can help set the hair.

There are budget brand hairdryers and luxury hairdryers ranging from £20 to approximately £200 and even more. It's worth spending some time looking at what they do and how much you want to spend on one.

Some well-known brands of hair dryers include Revlon, Babyliss, GHD, Tresemme, Parlux, Wahl and Remington.

What is an ionic hairdryer?

You may have heard of an ionic hairdryer but what do they actually do? An ionic hair dryer produces negatively charged ions, which break down the positively charged water molecules. As we are drying our hair from wet this prevents hair shafts from opening, so our hair stays smooth and is less damaged by any heat.

By using an ionic hair dryer, in turn, this helps with frizz and you can often use a lower temperature to achieve this.


How to use a hairdryer diffuser

A hair diffuser can be the saving grace of drying your hair. When you add an attachment accessory such as a blow dry smoothing nozzle, this can really help your styling, and can quickly turn your drying into an easy process.

Although a lot of people with curly hair use it, it can also be used on straight hair to create volume and waves.

You will need to start with wet hair, a wide-toothed comb and your favourite styling products. After applying the product, use your wide-tooth comb to give a good brush through.

Then place sections of hair into the diffuser, bringing it towards your head, making sure all of the hair is cradled within the bowl. Some people like to tip their head forward for extra volume (and comfort!) but you may prefer to lean it to the side or keep the head straight.

After going through each section, finish with a spray of your choice.


How to curl hair with a hairdryer

Many people assume it's difficult to curl hair with a hairdryer, but once you know how you’ll be hooked on this gorgeous curly look!

If you want natural waves or scrunched curls then you can use the diffuser method (as above) but if you want sleek celebrity-style blow out curls then you can try these simple steps instead.

Start with damp hair, towel-dried slightly, and apply your favourite product. A heat protector spray is also a very good addition when using hot air on hair.

Using the flat nozzle that comes with the dryer, take a small section and start at the roots with a round blow dry brush. Push the airflow away from your head, smoothing downwards and curling underneath at the bottom.

Take small sections and do this all over, keeping the rest of the damp hair separate by using sectioning clips.
Some people like to start at the bottom and work their way up but make sure you use setting clips to keep hair separate.

Finish with some hair spray to complete your fabulous look!

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