Best Prada Accessories for Fall 2021

As expected from a Prada show, there were several meaningful messages woven into the blockbuster fall 2021 collection. However, the two key takeaways were a new boundless sense of energy and optimism and the importance of reimagining classics.

“The word classic means there is something intrinsically necessary or clever about it,” said Miuccia Prada of the collection. When it came to the accessories, was there anything intrinsically necessary about an incredibly fun green platform sequined bootie or a faux fur shopper, perfect for a raver ’90s flashback? Well, why not?

What made the assortment of accessories compelling was that perfect Prada mixture of transformed yet familiar “classics” with a powerful sense of fun and happiness. Retro yet futuristic, embellished and always elegant could be used to describe the effort.

Here, WWD’s top accessories from the Prada show.

Jacquard Boots

Some of the standout looks included elegant jacquard body suits, adding to the retro-futuristic mood. These matching ultra-glam knitted jacquard boots complemented the allover-print effect of the jumpsuits, creating a rich visual layering effect.

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Prada details. Courtesy of Prada

Sequined Booties

Energy and ebullience permeated throughout the collection with use of bright colors and shimmering sequins. Nothing says retro happy more than these platform green sequined booties. The hope of hitting the dance floor in the near future signals a needed sense of optimism.

Prada details. Courtesy of Prada

The New Shoulder Bag 

The jacquard design also came in this ultra-granny-cool shoulder bag with triangle flap and zip closure. This style-making statement bag checks all the requirements for becoming another Prada classic, while still giving the ease and relaxed vibe that is so of the moment.

Prada details. Courtesy of Prada

The Logo Earrings

Since Raf Simons joined as co-creative director, the iconic Prada triangle has become a centerpiece of the brand’s design. When the Prada’s logo was used as an earring it not only felt fresh, but also gave a punk DIY mood — making it at an absolute must-have.

Prada details. Courtesy of Prada

Furry Shopper 

The Prada shows are known as much as for the incessant new trend generation as they are for their fantastic runway sets. This set was adorned with bright colors and textures, including the eye-catching Klein blue room with white furry flooring. The set extended to yet another new launch of the season, the Furry Shopper. The new style comes in two sizes, has fun written all over it and is the perfect bag for the all the Chewbacca fans out there.

Prada Fall 2021 Preview Simone Lezzi for WWD

Leather Gloves With Pocket 

This one-of-kind glove design was launched during the men’s wear show in January and works even better here thanks to the use of nappa leather in bright colors. The round pocket with zip closure was reminiscent of the ’90s brand’s coin purses and that nostalgic touch is more relevant than ever. Maybe it is time to carry spare change around again — in style.

Prada details. Courtesy of Prada

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