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WHETHER you’ve just started your jogging journey and have set yourself the challenge of completing your first Couch to 5k or are gearing up towards a marathon (or more), it’s a good idea to take a running water bottle with you when you’re out pounding the streets.

It’s important to drink fluids throughout your effort to keep your body hydrated – especially when it comes to longer efforts or when running in warm conditions.

But before you grab any old sports bottle to take with you on your training session or race, it might be worth investing in something that has been designed with running in mind.

Unlike standard sports bottles, running water bottles include various features that make them easier to carry comfortably over long distances.

This could be something as simple as grooves for your fingers to grip, through to pouches that keep hydration at hand while keeping your hands free.

For the more serious plodders, there are even hydration vests that can hold large quantities of water – making them perfect for taking on trail running adventures or ultra-distance events where refuelling stations are limited.

Not sure where to start in your search though? Here are the seven best running water bottles you can currently buy.

1. Ultimate Performance water bottle

  • Ultimate Performance water bottle, from £6.19 from Amazon – buy here

Although the most basic design on this list, the Runners Bottle by Ultimate Performance is the perfect starting point if getting your first one.

It includes grooves in the centre of the bottle to make holding more comfortable, while its 580ml capacity should hold enough fluids for an hour of activity.

The only downside is that it requires two hands to open and close the cap on the lid, but this is a relatively minor issue.

2. Kiprun flexible running flask

  • Kalenji Kiprun Flexible Running Flask, £6.99 from Decathlon – buy here

Decathlon’s in-house running brand Kalenji makes some great-value kit, and its Kiprun running flask is no exception.

The design is soft and flexible, meaning it molds to your hand and avoids any rubbing and discomfort that can occur with hard-shelled bottles.

An elastic ring at the lid allows it to be secured to a finger, and a lockable mouthpiece ensures any leakages are kept to a minimum.

At 250ml, it’s on the small side, but it’s ideal for taking on shorter distances.

3. Osprey Duro

  • Osprey Duro handheld hydration grip, £25 from Amazon – buy here

This design from outdoors experts Osprey takes the flexible running flask idea from above and runs with it.

It too is a 250ml soft flask but features adjustable straps allowing you to attach it to your hand – meaning you don’t need to grip anything at all.

The bottle also includes a zipped mesh pouch that’s perfect for storing your keys and a credit card securely.

4. Inov8 Race Ultra

  • Inov8 Race Ultra Running Bottle, £15.37 from Amazon – buy here

Another 250ml soft flask, this running water bottle from ultra-distance experts Inov8 keeps things completely hands free and is secured to your forearm by two bungee cords.

It too has a dedicated key pouch, while there is also room to shove an energy gel or two for those harder sessions.

5. Chilly’s bottle

  • Chilly’s bottle, £20 from Amazon – buy here

If you must have your mid-run thirst quenched by ice-cold water, then an insulated bottle is the way to go.

Although not made for running (you’re going to have to stop to use it), this bottle by Chilly’s keeps its contents cold for 24 hours and is easily stowable in a running backpack – making it ideal for runs with planned longer breaks or commuting.

Its stainless steel construction means it can withstand the odd knock or drop, and its leak-proof lid keeps the water in the bottle and off of the contents of your bag.

6. Salomon ADV Skin 5 Set

  • Salomon ADV Skin 5 Set, £63 from Wiggle – buy here

The longer your runs, the more water you’re going to need to take on board. But there is a solution if you don’t want to stick to a repetitive loop that takes you past your home for essential pit stops – a hydration vest.

This lightweight design by the French specialists Salomon includes two 500ml soft flasks, and has room for a 1.5l bladder, allowing you to carry a whopping 2.5l of fluids.

The wrap-like construction also keeps bouncing to a minimum, keeping things comfortable even when carrying a heavy load.

Camelbak Hydrobak 1.5l hydration system

  • Camelbak Hydrobak 1.5l hydration system, £34.99 from Wiggle – buy here

When a water bottle won’t just cut it, you’re going to want to upgrade to a reservoir system.

The design allows for complete hands-free operation, as you control the flow of water by biting on a mouthpiece.

The Hydrobak by Camelbak can carry 1.5l of water, is filled externally for extra ease, and has pockets perfect for keys, your phone and energy gels.

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