Best Wireless Phone Chargers 2019 | The Sun UK

WIRELESS phone chargers are the latest tech gadgets on people's shopping list.

The nifty devices are perfect for in the house, in cars, as well as the office – but what are the best wireless phone chargers to buy this year?

The technology works by transferring energy from the charger, which can be plugged into the mains or be wireless too, to a receiver in the phone.

The charger creates an electromagnetic field, which is picked up by the receiver coil in the phone and is what tops up the battery life.

While some may be looking for chargers for iPhones, others with a Samsung or Android phone, will also be looking for a device to cater for their devices too.

There are a vast array of wireless phone chargers on the market, to fit the car, have a stand, be completely wireless, and a travel friendly prop, whatever your needs Sun Selects has found something for everyone.

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