"Big Brother 22" All-Star Memphis Says He Would Have Taken Enzo Palumbo To The Finals

Memphis Garrett fell short of becoming the third Big Brother contestant to reach the finals.

12 years after losing to friend/ally and Big Brother legend Dan Gheesling in the finals, Memphis came back with an even better performance in the Big Brother 22 All-Star season.

But Memphis’ luck ran out last week. Nicole Franzel nominated Memphis alongside Christmas Abbott on the chopping block. The Power of Veto, won by Cody Calafiore, didn’t lead to a change in nominations.

Cody and Enzo Palumbo opted to send Memphis home by a 2-0 vote, thus ending his $500,000 dream. Memphis is now the seventh person to enter the Big Brother jury, and two more will soon join the group to vote for the season winner.

Following the eviction, Memphis took part in an exit interview with Gold Derby to discuss his Big Brother 22 game. The Big Brother 10 runner-up – who was in the “Wise Guys” alliance – revealed that if he had the choice, he would have taken Enzo to the end.

“I thought me and Cody had a pretty tight bond,” Memphis said. “Enzo was my choice because I thought I could beat him. There’s no hard feelings because if I would have sat in the final three with Cody and Enzo, I would have probably taken Enzo. It’s all good. I had a game plan. I wanted to stick to it. If the cards fell in my direction, I thought it was a good choice. I feel very fortunate to come back.”

Memphis won three Head of Household competitions and the Power of Veto on one occasion. His HOH weeks led to the evictions of Nicole Anthony, Da’Vonne Rogers and David Alexander.

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Memphis was in an alliance called “The Committee”, which also included Cody, Christmas, Nicole F., Tyler Crispen and Dani Briones. These members also had a working relationship with Enzo, and all seven of them controlled the entire season.

But once they got all of the other houseguests out, it was time to disband. It all started when Tyler won HOH and nominated Dani and Nicole in Week 8 (the triple eviction week). Dani went home by a 4-0 vote.

And so, it became a case of alliances forming within the alliances. Cody, Enzo, Memphis and Nicole worked together to split up the Tyler/Christmas duo in week 9. One week later, Memphis and Christmas became the targets, with the former going home. It’s now down to Cody, Enzo, Christmas and Nicole.

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