Biscuit and Gravy is the two-faced kitten who can eat and meow at the same time

The King family, from Oregon in the US, woke up on Wednesday morning to find that their cat had had kittens.

They were delighted to see a litter of six mini kitties, but on closer inspection found that one had a very unique face – in fact, it had two.

The kitten, which they named Biscuit and Gravy, was born with two sets of eyes, two noses, and two mouths.

B and G’s condition means she can eat with one of her mouths while meowing with the other.

Biscuit and Gravy has something called Diprosopus. Cats who have this are often called Janus cats.

Cats born with this extremely rare congenital condition normally don’t live past a day or so, and sadly – despite lot of love and care from the Kings – it doesn’t appear that Biscuit and Gravy is long for this world.

The family is trying to enjoy the newest addition to their household as long as possible, with husband and wife BJ and Kyla doing the best they can to make Biscuit and Gravy’s short life comfortable.

After posting his new kitten’s picture online, BJ says he has been inundated with support.

‘I told [my wife] I’d post it on our local community page,’ BJ said.

‘I said we’ll probably get a little bit of reaction out of this. It took off really fast.’

Kyla continued: ‘It doesn’t really know how to nurse properly because it has two mouths so I’ve been trying to feed it,’ Kyla told KOIN.

‘And, I mean, I’m gonna do the best I can but these animals don’t usually live too long.’

Kyla and BJ, doing your best is more than enough, and we’re sure Biscuit and Gravy will be well loved for her short life.

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