B&M brings back hot chilli sauce advent calendar to spice up your Christmas

FIERY food fans can spice up their Christmas once again as B&M has brought back its advent calendars with hot chilli sauces.

The calendar is up for grabs for £5 in B&M stores, even though there's still over two months to go until Christmas Day.

The spicy calendar comes with 24 windows with 12 different chilli sauces weighing 20g each. Each flavour comes in packs of two.

This is an upgrade from last Christmas, when the calendar contained 24 windows with eight sauces weighing just 7g and cost £4.99.

Included in this year's hot sauce calendar are flavours such as habanero, cayenne, sriracha, scorpion, tabasco and the naga jolokia pepper.

According to ChilliWorld.com, the hottest chilli sauce on the Scoville heat scale is Blair's 16million Reserve at 16million scoville heat units.

In comparison, at the bottom end of the scale is Tabasco garlic pepper sauce at 1,200 to 2,400 scoville heat units.

The naga jolokia pepper, also included in the advent calendar, measures between 855,000 to 1.05million Scoville heat units.

B&M hasn't clarified the heat level for each sauce, but be prepared for it to be spicy as the front of the calendar says the sauces are "hot as hell".

The calendar was shared by Facebook page Bag a Weekly Bargain, and followers are loving it even though it's not your traditional chocolate calendar.

One user tagged a friend and said: "You need this mate hahaha", while another added: "Your dad would love that."

And a third tagged family members and said: "Just in case you didn't know what advent calendar to get me."

The same calendar appears to be on sale on eBay for a heftier price tag of £13.95, excluding a £3.85 delivery fee.

Alternatively, Amazon is selling the same one available at B&M last year for £18.95, including free delivery.

B&M's advent calendar is available in stores nationwide. You can find your nearest branch by using its store locator tool.

What’s included in the B&M calendar?

SPICY food fans will get 12 different hot sauces, and two of each. These include:

  • Habanero hot sauce
  • Cayenne hot sauce
  • Sriracha hot sauce
  • Chipotle hot sauce
  • Scorpion hot sauce
  • Tabasco hot sauce
  • Jalapeno hot sauce
  • Naga jolokia hot sauce
  • Louisiana hot sauce
  • Caribbean style hot sauce
  • Scotch bonnet hot sauce
  • Orange habanero hot sauce

If you prefer a boozy twist to your advent calendar, B&M has also brought back its Gordon’s gin, Baileys and Smirnoff calendars this year.

Plus it's once again selling its Pringles advent calendar, which comes with 12 pots of crisps.

Last Christmas, Aldi rolled out spicy pigs in blankets made with the world’s second hottest chilli.

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