Body language expert reveals what Meghan Markle really thinks about Kate Middleton

Sisters-in-law Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle would seem to have so much in common. Both are 38 years old, both are mothers, and most significantly, they are the wives of men born into the paparazzi-stalked royal family. Their spouses, Prince William and Prince Harry, are sons of the late Princess Diana, and they are subject to a level of an unwavering scrutiny more intense than what even Hollywood celebrities and politicians endure. 

You would think that the experience of marrying into the monarchy would have forged an enduring bond between Kate and Meghan. A forthcoming book, however, suggests that there’s been a rift since Megxit — when Meghan and Harry stepped away from their royal duties last year. In an excerpt from Finding Freedom: Harry and Meghan and the Making of a Modern Royal Family shared with Elle, the authors noted the “cordial but distant rapport” between Kate and Meghan.

Are the two indeed on the outs? Body language expert Mollie Birney, a therapist and clinical coach, has picked up on subtle cues that suggest what Meghan Markle really thinks about Kate Middleton — and how her attitude may have changed post-Megxit. In an interview with The List, Birney explained how Meghan’s gestures, facial expressions, and posture reveal how this Duchess of Sussex truly feels about the Duchess of Cambridge.

Meghan has been fake-smiling at Kate

At recent events when Kate and Meghan were together, the tension between the two ladies was detectable from the way Meghan smiled at Kate. “What I’m struck by most in the video from the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey in March 2020 is how Meghan’s smile is absolutely unwavering throughout the procession, through finding her seat and observing the other guests, and has the appearance of being fairly forced. It’s not a relaxed, authentic smile, it’s tense and forced,” Birney emphasized.

Kate looks past Meghan, not giving her the time of day, but Meghan’s grin is unwavering. “She continues to smile, despite being ignored by Kate, who makes absolutely no effort to make eye contact with her despite being well within her eye line. No one else around Meghan is smiling either, so it really does stand out,” Birney said.

Could Meghan be smiling simply because she’ s … happy? Birney waved off that idea. “While it’s possible she’s just exuberantly happy to be at the event, this looks more like someone making a concerted effort to appear to be un-phased by being snubbed, and impervious to the rumors about the friction between her and Kate,” Birney said. “Essentially, she’s faking it.”

Pre-Megxit, there was more warmth between Meghan and Kate

The body language between Meghan and Kate was much warmer in previous interactions, Birney observed. She pointed to a video of them interacting on Christmas Day, 2018. “It’s a very different kind of interaction,” Birney observed. “The two lean subtly in towards one another as they walk from the church,” she said. “They do make repeated eye contact, and seem to have a much warmer, kinder interaction.”

This connection, Birney observed, suggests genuine caring between the women. “Although it wasn’t exactly intimate, the body language indicated warmth and even a little playfulness,” Birney added. “You’ll note in this 2018 video, Meghan’s smile is softer, more authentic, and more reflected in her eyes than just her mouth.” The Finding Freedom book suggests Kate and Prince William were miffed that they weren’t consulted about Meghan and Harry’s departure from their royal responsibilities — this would certainly explain why the body language between the royals has cooled off since their earlier, happier days together.

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