Boris Johnson's daughter Lara, 27,  reveals her stress hacks

Boris Johnson’s daughter Lara, 27, recommends taking candlelit rose-scented baths and ditching Instagram to relax as she reveals her ‘tried and tested hacks’ to de-stress

  • Lara Johnson-Wheeler, 27, is the eldest daughter of the PM and Marina Wheeler
  • She spent lockdown at the family’s £1million home in Thame, Oxfordshire 
  • Wrote an article for British Tatler about her ‘tried and tested stress hacks’ 
  • Said she follows online yoga tutorials and often deletes social media for weeks
  • Wears face masks for walks in city to ‘keep worried at bay’  and protect others’
  • Said after missing deadlines she ‘washes away stress’ by ‘plunging into hot bath’

Boris Johnson’s daughter has recommend soaking in candelit rose-scented baths and deleting social media for weeks as she revealed her stress-relieving hacks in an article for society bible Tatler. 

Lara Johnson-Wheeler, 27, who is the eldest of the Prime Minister’s four children with his second wife, Marina Wheeler, has followed in her father’s footsteps by forging a career as a writer and editor.

The 27-year-old journalist and editor, who spent lockdown with her boyfriend at her family’s country home in Thame, Oxfordshire, which has an estimated value of £1million, has now revealed her ‘tried and tested hacks’ for managing stress amid the Covid-19 crisis.  

Writing for the society bible, she said she does a 20 minute face mask each morning and follows online yoga tutorials as part of her daily routine, as well as revealing: ‘For me, after missing yet another end of play deadline, there’s nothing quite like plunging into a hot bath to wash away the stresses of the day.’

The eldest of the Prime Minister’s four children with his second wife, Marina Wheeler, Lara Johnson-Wheeler, 27, has revealed her ‘tried and tested stress hacks’ amid the Covid-19 crisis 

The 27-year-old confessed working-from-home had brought her ‘shoulder-knot inducing anxieties’ and said there September is ‘no better time’ for a set of ‘soothing’ relaxation techniques. 

She called looking after oneself ‘a real stress buster’, adding that she often starts the morning with a 20 minute face mask before spending her lunch hour using a rose quartz roller to massage her skin and ‘give life emotionally and cosmetically.’

Meanwhile Lara also revealed how she also found walks through the city perfect o ‘clear the head and reconnect with the body’.

She added that people should wear a face mask, saying: ‘Keep your worries at bay and protect those around you by ensuring to keep covered, as well as comfortable.’

Lara, who has followed in her father’s footsteps by forging a career as a writer and editor, said she enjoys taking candelit rose-scented baths to relax and confessed she often deletes social media for weeks in order to relax 

Lara also confessed to  following yoga tutorials on YouTube, calling an online 30 minute stress management class a ‘crucial part’ of her schedule.

The 27-year-old went on to add that she takes long candlelit baths to sooth her soul, adding oils scented with rose which she says have been recommended to her as ‘a natural depression reliever.’

And she recommended others delete social media ‘for as long or as short as you feel will help’, saying she often quits the online platforms for weeks.  

Her most recent comments come after she  admitted she is unsure about the impact the coronavirus pandemic will have on her ‘future financial prospects’ in an article for British Vogue 

Lara, who spent lockdown with her mother at her family home in Thame, said working-from-home had brought her ‘shoulder-knot inducing anxieties’

In the piece, which was published in April, Lara admitted she is holding off on buying new clothes because she is uncertain about how the COVID-19 crisis will impact her finances.

However she has treated herself to luxury designer headbands from Prada and Shrimps, which are thought to have cost between £100-£200 each.

Writing for the fashion bible, Lara explained she has resorted to delving into her teenage wardrobe after failing to pack enough clothes. 

Lara, whose mother Marina recently divorced the Prime Minister, works as a writer, editor and broadcaster and lives in London. 

She was educated at the £33,000-a-year Bedales School in Petersfield, which is known for its liberal, free-spirited approach to education. Her mother attended the same school.

Ms Johnson-Wheeler has four siblings: Milo Arthur, Cassia Peaches,Theodore Apollo and Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas, who was born in April.    

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