‘Boyfriend will dump me if I get boob reduction but my 34K chest is a nightmare’

A Daily Star reader asked agony aunt Jane O'Gorman for advice on her relationship dilemma.

She wrote: "My boyfriend says he’ll have to dump me if I get my boobs reduced in size.

"He openly admits they were the first thing that attracted me to him.

"I’m only 5ft 3 inches tall and my chest measures a massive 34K, which, for the uninitiated, is huge.

"My bras look like buckets. My boobs are ridiculously heavy and my back kills me on a daily basis. I don’t feel sexy or foxy. I look and feel like a freak.

"I’ve grown used to men and women simply talking to my boobs – and commenting on their size."

She continued: "Most people wouldn’t dream of saying: 'Wow you’ve got flat feet or a big nose' but everyone feels free to comment on my bazookas.

"One old boss actually accused me of flaunting myself when I went to work wearing a polo neck jumper; she stormed that I’d deliberately chosen a tight-fitting top in order to “show off”.

"I can’t run; exercising is a problem and finding clothes is a nightmare. I get under-boob sweating and soreness in the summer and strap marks like train tracks.

"And, contrary to public opinion, sex is not a joy. It’s uncomfortable and embarrassing as I can hardly move around the bed and feel flaccid and ridiculous.

"Yet my boyfriend loves them."

The Daily Star reader added: "He can’t get enough of them and would fondle, lick and ogle them all day long given half the chance.

"He often asks me to walk around the house topless because they seriously turn him on.

"I’ve been on at my GP for years to okay a reduction and I finally have a referral to our local hospital, yet my boyfriend is sticking his heels in and being a real pain about it."

Thankfully, our agony aunt was on hand to give her words of advice.

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JANE SAYS: Clearly “pain” is the key word here.

Your boyfriend claims to love your shape; he finds it attractive and womanly, but you’re in real pain on a daily basis.

Your breasts are so large they’re now a serious problem.

There’s absolutely nothing sexy about waking up each morning and feeling like rubbish.

He may seek to control and persuade you, but it’s your body and your decision. If your GP has finally referred you to a local hospital, then he or she must agree that things have gone too far.

He has to hear that you are no blow-up doll; you’re a breathing, functioning woman who has had enough.

I think most people would feel pretty insulted to be told that they’re only attractive because of their eye colour, blonde hair, large penis or big boobs. How insulting is that? What about the real person underneath?

I have to question your boyfriend’s motivation.

Does he actually care about you, as a person, or how you look on his arm?

How shallow is this man, and does he have your best interests at heart?

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