Bridez demands 'more effort' into wedding planning despite lock-down

Pregnant bridesmaid is left stunned after her bridezilla sister asked her to use lockdown to put ‘more effort’ into planning her wedding this autumn – insisting she should feel GRATEFUL to be part of the big day

  • British woman has revealed how her bridezilla sister has demanded more effort
  • Thinks her sister is being ‘naive’ about wedding her going ahead in six months
  • Says she is worried about husband losing job and needing a c-section amid crisis
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

A pregnant woman has revealed how she was left stunned when her bridezilla sister asked her to put ‘more effort’ into planning her wedding in six months’ time despite the lockdown. 

The British woman, who did not give her name, explained that her sister sent a message out to the bridal party, irked that they hadn’t been more focused on her big day and asking them to participate more in the planning. 

Writing on Mumsnet, the woman explained that she ‘didn’t have the capacity’ to focus on her sister’s wedding because she was worried about her husband losing his job and the prospect of facing a c-section amid the coronavirus outbreak.  

A pregnant woman, from the UK, has revealed how she has been left shocked after her bridezilla sister asked her to put ‘more effort’ into planning her autumn wedding – despite the coronavirus lockdown (Pictured, stock image)  

Writing on Mumsnet, the mother-to-be explained that she ‘didn’t have the capacity’ to focus on her sister’s wedding during the coronavirus lockdown

She also said she felt that her sister was being ‘naive’ to think that her big day would go ahead as planned in six-months time, and felt it would be best for her to reschedule. 

She explained: ‘I get it’s an exciting time. But I currently don’t have the thought capacity to help organise a wedding.

‘I also feel like it’s not going to go ahead as social distancing will likely still be in place at that point and she’s being very naive about it (personally I would reschedule at this point).’ 

The user went on to argue that she had planned her own wedding nearly entirely alone, aside from some small favours towards the end. 


The majority of users agreed with the poster and said the sister was out of line to ask 

She continued: ‘I’m also pregnant with my first baby with a high risk of needing a c-section, worried about when baby is here, husband is at risk of losing his job due to the Covid-19 situation, also worried about what that situation is going to look like when baby is here’ 

She finished by asking: ‘Am I being unreasonable to just not care that much about a wedding?

Weddings in the time of coronavirus 

Boris Johnson confirmed that the UK was under lockdown in March, with marriage ceremonies among the gatherings to be banned. 

Mr Johnson said family reunions, weddings, baptisms and other social events must be cancelled but funerals can go ahead attended by a handful of closest relatives. 

Earlier today, Mr Johnson declared that Britain is ‘past the peak’ of coronavirus tonight  – and said he would outline exit ‘road map’ next week.

It is currently unknown when, or how, marriage ceremonies will be reinstated.

‘If the situation was different then I would be excited but there’s just too much going on right now.’  

 Fellow Mumsnet users were quick to share their views, with several defending the woman, insisting the woman should ‘politely decline any requests’ and saying the bride would be better off changing the date of her wedding. 

One commented: ‘No idea why she’s demanding everyone gets involved in the planning, usually that’s just the bride and groom’s job… But yeah, I also think she’s being naive and should reschedule.’ 

Another agreed:  ‘I think it’s a big ask to get people involved in the ‘planning’. I think the bridal party is there to help with setting up and doing little jobs on the day/days leading up. But I think it’s quite a lot to ask of most people to be excited about the planning. 

‘Surely, it’s her wedding and she and her partner should be excited about planning, but not friends, it’s not your wedding.’ 

A third wrote: ‘I agree with you, she’s being naive if she thinks she’s having some big wedding in 6 months time. Seeings as it will most likely be a tiny ceremony and no reception, there’s not much to plan.’

However one user disagreed and wrote: ‘She’s excited. Why not help when we all have more time. I never understand the negativity, if you don’t want to be part of it just say so.’

The woman’s post was met with support from users who said the sister was in the wrong

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