Brie Bella to join Daniel Bryan at Hell in a Cell and Jeff Hardy breaks Randy Orton in thrilling Smackdown

JUST two nights after SummerSlam and SmackDown LIVE is already setting the scene for Hell in a Cell on September 16.

With feuds between Daniel Bryan and The Miz, Becky and Charlotte, and AJ Styles and Samoa Joe still raging, here are five things we learnt from SmackDown.

Brie Bella is back and will join Daniel Bryan at Hell in a Cell

Miz and Maryse mocked Daniel Bryan’s heartfelt retirement speech from three years ago. Miz welled up and claimed that he too was retiring… from ever facing Bryan again.

Bryan came out to confront Miz about his dodgy win at SummerSlam, after Miz used brass knuckles to knock Bryan out.

Maryse screamed at Bryan to just retire again, so Bryan’s wife Brie Bella charged down to chase off Maryse and hammer Miz with punches.

Bryan then announced that it will be him and Brie battling Miz and Maryse in a mixed tag match at Hell in a Cell.

Brie’s no technical wizard, but Miz and Maryse should bring their promo A-game in the build up to this – remember their skits mocking John Cena and Nikki Bella last year?

The spotlight belongs to Becky Lynch

Becky’s turn on Charlotte was the surprise highlight of SummerSlam – a deserved moment for all her hard work as the backbone of SmackDown’s women’s division.

She came out to explain herself, saying that when Charlotte won the title at SummerSlam she had stolen Becky’s spotlight for the last time.

Charlotte then ran to ring for a brawl around the ring, prompting the women’s locker room to also run down and separate them.

Becky showed real fire in her heel promo, but the fans lapped it up and cheered when she got the upper hand over Charlotte in their brawl.

What Becky says it right – she’s earned her spot and the fans know it. Charlotte’s also in danger of fans turning on her Roman Reigns-style.

It could create an interesting dynamic for this feud – babyface Charlotte getting booed and heel Becky getting cheered.

Jeff Hardy has broken Randy Orton

After weeks of savage attacks from Orton, “The Viper” finally went one-on-one with Jeff Hardy.

Orton toyed with Hardy in the ring, even attempting to tear the flesh tunnel hole in Hardy’s heel in a squeamish moment.

Hardy snapped and booted Orton with a low blow, getting himself disqualified.

But Hardy wasn’t done. He dragged Orton to the technical desk and climbed up a stack of boxes to hit a Swanton, smashing Orton through a table.

(It was reminiscent of their feud 10 years ago, when Hardy performed some death defying Swantons to rattle “The Viper”.)

It was good to see Hardy get some edge back – he’s looked pretty subdued for months. Could this mark the arrival of his Broken universe alter ego, Brother Nero?

The New Day are NEW SmackDown Tag Team Champions

The Bludgeon Brothers got themselves disqualified to retain the tag titles at SummerSlam, setting up a no DQ rematch last night.

There were brutal moments – including the Bludgeons nailing Kofi with a crucifix bomb straight onto a ladder – but New Day used the Bludgeons’ own tricks against them.

Kofi and Woods leapt out of the way as Rowan charged on the outside with his comedy mallet, which sent Rowan crashing through the barricade.

Back in the ring, Woods landed his elbow on Harper, putting the powerhouse through a table for the win.

Next week Sheamus and Cesaro battle Gallows and Anderson to determine the number one contenders to the new champs.

We could watch New Day wrestle The Bar for days. But please let this be the last we see of the dreary Bludgeon Brothers characters.

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Bludgeon Brothers nail Kofi with a crucifix bomb straight onto a ladder

Samoa Joe is still playing un-happy families

AJ Styles talked about his SummerSlam match with Samoa Joe, which ended is DQ when AJ belted Joe with a chair.

Fuelled by Joe’s jibes at his family, it was a rare glimpse of “The Phenomenal One” losing control.

AJ declared that next time Joe mentions his family, he’ll tear out Joe’s heart (hitting Joe with a chair again might be a more realistic threat).

Joe attacked immediately and choked out Styles with the Coquina Clutch.

Grabbing the mic, Joe screamed to Styles’ wife at home that the champ wouldn’t be home to tuck in the kids. He said: “Daddy’s already gone night night.”

Massive credit to Samoa Joe. He plays a malevolent, vicious heel brilliantly – and nails it every time he’s given a high profile spot.

Expect these superstars to now clash inside Hell in a Cell.

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