British man finds 1970s time capsule in pub

Turns out the walls in a 200-year-old pub could really talk — at least about the 1970s.

A British man who was renovating his pub in the town of Radstock in the UK found a time capsule from the 1970s hidden in the walls.

Toby Brett found a price list from 1971, halfpennies, a wage slip and notes from a previous owner.

Apparently a previous owner stashed the secret cache when he was doing renovations himself five decades ago, South West News Service in the UK reported.

Brett said the person who left the time capsule even wrote a note apologizing for only leaving halfpennies.

The capsule also included a note — dated July 13, 1973 — saying: “To the present owner from a past owner, good luck.”

Brett has placed the items on display in the pub.

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