Britney Spears' Father Jamie Calls on Court to Reappoint Co-Conservator Who Resigned in 2019

Spears was first placed under a conservatorship in 2008, with the court originally naming her father the permanent conservator of her person and Wallet the permanent co-conservator of her estate. Wallet relinquished his powers as a co-conservator in March 2019.

Jamie stepped down as the permanent conservator in September 2019 due to "personal health reasons,” with Jodi Montgomery — a licensed conservator — taking his place on a temporary basis.

His latest petition to regain powers in overseeing the conservatorship comes after Spears' court-appointed attorney, Samuel D. Ingham III, submitted a filing in Los Angeles this week stating that the pop star is "strongly opposed" to having her father return as the sole conservator of her affairs and finances.

According to documents obtained by PEOPLE, Spears is "strongly opposed" to Jamie "continuing as sole conservator of her estate" and instead "strongly prefers to have a qualified corporate fiduciary appointed to serve in this role."

The filing also said that the songstress now "strongly prefers" that Montgomery continues to be the sole conservator of her person.

As conservator, Montgomery has the power to communicate with medical personnel regarding Spears and has access to any and all records regarding the songstress' medical treatment, diagnosis and testing.

"We are now at a point where the conservatorship must be changed substantially in order to reflect the major changes in her current lifestyle and her stated wishes," Spears' lawyer said in the filing.

In May, the conservatorship was extended until Aug. 22 due to the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Jamie told the New York Post's Page Six earlier this month that the #FreeBritney movement, which aims to get Spears' conservatorship terminated, “is a joke.”

"All these conspiracy theorists don't know anything. The world doesn't have a clue," he said. "It's up to the court of California to decide what's best for my daughter. It's no one else’s business."

"I love my daughter," Jamie added. "I love all my kids. But this is our business. It's private."

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