Britney Spears just scored a crucial victory in her conservatorship battle

Britney Spears took to Instagram on Wednesday (14 July) to celebrate after a judge ruled she would be allowed to choose her own legal representation in her ongoing fight to end her conservatorship.

A Los Angeles judge has ruled that Britney Spears will be able to choose her own lawyer to represent her in her ongoing conservatorship battle, in the first major legal victory for the star following her powerful testimony on 23 June.

The ruling comes after Spears’ court-appointed attorney Sam Ingham, who has represented the star since her conservatorship first began in 2008, stepped down from his position last week, allowing Spears to file a request to choose her own lawyer.

Addressing the court after the judge’s ruling, Spears also repeated her request to have her father, Jamie Spears, removed from her conservatorship.  

“I’m here to press charges. I’m angry and I will go there,” Spears told the judge over the phone. “You’re allowing my dad to ruin my life. I have to get rid of my dad and charge him with conservatorship abuse.”

Speaking for about 10 minutes, Spears said she had always been “extremely scared of my dad” and alleged that, under the conservatorship, her hair vitamins and coffee had been confiscated, and that she worked 70 hours a week.

“Their goal was to make me feel crazy, and I’m not,” she said. “And that’s not OK.” 

Spears addressed the court via phone on Wednesday (14 July).

Her new comments echo those she made in her previous testimony on 23 June, in which she said the conservatorship had left her depressed and unable to sleep.

“It is my wish and dream for all of this to end,” she told the court at the time. “I want my life back.”

This latest development in Spears’ case comes after a judge denied the pop star’s request to have her father removed from her conservatorship earlier this month – a response to a request made by the star back in November 2020.

At the time, the judge made it clear they were unable to make a ruling in response to Spears’ viral testimony – in which she asked for a complete end to the legal agreement – until she filed a formal petition to terminate the conservatorship. 

Going forward, Spears will now be represented by the former federal prosecutor Mathew Rosengart, a “high-powered Hollywood lawyer” who has previously represented clients including Steven Spielberg and Sean Penn.

Also speaking in court yesterday (14 July), Rosengart told the judge his intention was to end Spears’ conservatorship – and that he would be filing paperwork in the next few weeks to start proceedings.

“Does anybody really believe Mr. Spears’ continued involvement is in the best interest of Britney Spears?” Rosengart said. “If he loves his daughter, it is time to step aside.”

Taking to social media after the court hearing, Spears posted a video of herself doing cartwheels in celebration of the judge’s ruling, alongside a caption thanking her fans for their support in her case. 

“Coming along, folks … coming along,” she wrote. “New with real representation today… I feel GRATITUDE and BLESSED!!!! Thank you to my fans who are supporting me … you have no idea what it means to me to be supported by such awesome fans!!!! God bless you all!!!!”

Although Spears’ fight to have her conservatorship ended is far from over, this is a notable milestone in the singer’s legal battle.

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see if Spears’ new legal team will proceed to file the formal petition to have her conservatorship removed.  

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