Brits are freaking out over major change to Cadbury’s Dairy Milk bar

Certain things will always be undeniably British, from Yorkshire Tea to fish and chips and especially Dairy Milk chocolate.

The sweet treat has been a staple of British corner shops since 1905 and it’s been an icon of the UK ever since.

Even after Cadbury was bought by American brand Mondelez International we stayed loyal to the purple bar.

But, it seems some Brits are freaking out over a recent change to the milk chocolate snack.

Over on Reddit, a poster shared a snap of his Daily Milk, but the packaging was a little different.

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While the Cadbury logo had been updated slightly, and the glass and a half of milk design was re-imagined, the font stating “Dairy Milk” had changed beyond recognition.

Instead of its usual curly font, the words were in block capitals and sat one on top of the other.

Nick Rees, global creative director of Bulletproof, who re-designed the label, told ItsNiceThat: “Our brief was simple, to move Cadbury from a joyful and sometimes artificial aesthetic to unlock the ‘generosity’ and natural goodness at the heart of the brand.

“Advertising had already moved streets ahead and the wider brand world was left wanting.

“The brand, however, was not in decline and we therefore needed to make big shifts without compromising the iconic assets and consumer love that make Cadbury what it is.”

The Dairy Milk typography was hand drawn and the new pattern is based on the original 1905 packaging.

But, it seems that thousands of Brits were left feeling decidedly uncomfortable about the matter as 5.2k people liked the Reddit post.

The poster captioned the snap: “I’m all for living in a forward thinking, progressive society… but I’m not sure I’m ready for this new font.”

One person replied: “I wish Cadbury's would stop f***ing about with everything.”

Another wrote: “They’re acting so quirky, it’s just like, stick with one font and stop it.

“You aren’t increasing sales by doing this.”

“Next they'll be coming out with a ‘classic’ themed bar after all these changes – full circle,” noted a third.

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“Bring back curly font,” exclaimed a foodie.

"Some people just wanna see the world burn," added a poster.

Some said they liked the new, modern look though… what do you think?

The Daily Star has contacted Mondelez International for comment.

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