Bryce Hall Responds to Backlash After He Appeared to Avoid Donating to a Charity

“Bryce literally doesn’t deserve his platform,” a user wrote.

Bryce Hall has responded to critics who accused him of opting out of contributing to a charity.

Over the weekend, the TikTok star came under fire after he appeared to avoid donating to a charity. However, according to Hall, it wasn’t a real charity.

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It all began on Saturday when TikTok user Harris Cole posted a video of himself chatting with Hall and a group of friends on Omegle, an anonymous video chatting platform. In the clip, Cole can be seen asking Hall and his pals: “Yo, are you guys down to donate to my charity?” In response, one of Hall’s friends asked what the charity was about, but before Cole could answer, another person from Hall’s group pressed the skip button.

Although it’s unclear who actually clicked the skip button, it appeared to be the person sitting next to Hall. However, many fans thought they saw Hall exit out of Cole’s conversation — and they weren’t happy about it.

“Cancel Bryce hall that’s mean,” a user wrote, while another wrote, “Bryce literally doesn’t deserve his platform.”

“You do realize this just caused so many unnecessary problems for him for no reason? this why y’all call him problematic,” another said.

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The next day Hall took to his own TikTok account to set the record straight, claiming Cole’s charity wasn’t only a joke, but also that Cole had been pulling the same prank on others.

Dueting the original clip, Hall posted a clip of himself in front of a photo of what appeared to be a direct message conversation between himself and Cole.

As shown in the screenshot, Cole said, “I was asking everyone on Omegle to donate to my charity, and then describing absurd charity ideas.”

“Was going to ask y’all to donate to a charity where I helped reform sex predators get jobs babysitting children,” he added in another message. “I was so close too. Y’all skipped when I said reformed. It was going to be so good.”

Cole said he had also asked other people to donate to a charity “where we help put people with contagious warts into the restaurant business, as chefs or waiters.”

“dang guys im a terrible person… cancel me ):” Hall wrote alongside the TikTok video.

Meanwhile, Cole also went back and replied to many comments on his original video, specifically those which slammed Hall.

In many of his replies, Cole joked that it wasn’t Hall who skipped his Omegle video, but Hall’s “twin brother Bruce.”

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