Burger King Pledges Its Instagram Account To Independent Eateries

As more of the UK is plunged into tier three, and even tier four lockdown, Burger King is trying to help independent eateries in need of a boost.

2020 has been a rough year for just about everyone. The COVID-19 outbreak, which is still a major problem in many parts of the world has taken money, work, and even loved ones from many of us. For a lot of people, staying home as much as is humanly possible during global lockdowns has only been half of one of the strangest years in modern human history.

Many businesses have made very little in the way of revenue this year either due to the fact that everyone is at home, or government rulings have prevented them from operating. That goes for the food industry as much as anything else. It has been best to avoid large groups gathering in restaurants and eating food prepared by strangers this year.

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Chances are whenever this is all over, major eateries like McDonald’s and KFC will still be around. They have been able to operate in some form or fashion during all of this, even if it has been via takeaway or delivery alone. Burger King will survive too, something it appears to realize. That’s why in the UK it is offering up its Instagram page as advertising space for those struggling to make it through all this.

“As we head into tier three across more parts of the country, it’s clear independent restaurants need all our support,” Burger King wrote in its statement on Instagram. “Until they can reopen, they can advertise on our Instagram for free.” Burger King hasn’t hung around when it comes to seeking out restaurants to help either. Four of them have featured on BK’s Insta since that initial tweet earlier this week.

Although considered to be a kind and selfless gesture by many, others aren’t so sure. Some have questioned the impact this will really have. BK’s UK Instagram account is only followed by 33,000 people. Then again, that’s 33,000 people exposed to independent restaurants they might have never heard of otherwise.

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