Caleb & Justine Have Family-Sized Plans For Their ‘Love Island’ Prize Money

They want more kids than just Coco and Keke.

On day one of facing the real world together, Love Island winners Justine and Caleb have big future plans. That they are still together after leaving the villa less than a week ago is a given; right now, they’re most excited to have some privacy. "That’s actually what we’re doing these first few days, just enjoying some time alone," Caleb tells Bustle. "No cameras, no microphones."

Then, it’s on to navigating a long-distance relationship, at least temporarily. Right now, they live on opposite coasts. "I want to be as close to Caleb as possible!" Justine says. "So you know, we definitely have a lot of trips planned out to see each other and then hopefully, maybe just move closer to each other, depending on whether that’s in LA or Jersey." Until then, she says their goals are to "work on us and just like, get to a place on our own without having outside influence," like they did in the villa.

When it comes to the $100,000 cash prize, they plan to spend it responsibly. In addition to their Love Island "twins" Coco and Keke, Caleb says they have 15 (!!) kids on the way. "We got some plans," he quips. "Justine just had twins, so between the formula, clothes for Coco and Keke, on top of the tuition for the other 15 on the way, we need to put some money in savings."

Typically, winners might use the cash to travel the world, but given the pandemic, that may not be an option for a while. In the villa, Justine and Caleb had no access to the news or current events, so they’re playing quite the game of catch-up. "We’ve been reminded in the last day or so that we left a world that had a lot going on, still has a lot going on, and will continue to have a lot going on," Caleb says. "So, it’s gonna definitely take some time to adjust and figure out how to navigate this, what feels like a new world to us now."

They’re also adjusting to being one of America’s favorite couples. The overwhelming support for their love has Justine "shook," she says, adding that they had no clue the extent of it when they were in the villa. But she’s glad people appreciate the unique path they took on the show. "We just wanted to go at our own pace and do things our own way," she explains. "It was definitely very genuine and that’s also what we’re taking on the outside as well."

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