Can YOU guess the character from their bookshelf?

Brainteaser challenges you to guess the fictional owner of each bookcase based on subtle visual clues – so can YOU beat the 68-second record?

  • Scenes, by Hammonds Furniture, imagine bookcases of fictional characters in a tricky brainteaser sketch 
  • Clues include books they have been reading, ornaments and everyday items sketched in white and in colour
  • It takes the average person 68 seconds to guess them of all correctly – so how will you get on? 

Lockdown has given many of us extra time to try more things at home – baking, catching up on TV shows, and of course, reading. 

As well as this, Zoom meetings have exposed us to the bookcases of celebs, politicians and our colleagues. 

Hammonds Furniture has imagined what the bookcases of some of the nation’s favourite fictional characters would look like – but with clues in the forms of books, ornaments, and items – can you guess all six characters in the brainteaser?

It takes the average person 68 seconds to guess them of all correctly – so how will you get on?


With a bow and arrows, as well as revolution guides, it looks like this person is in the game of survival. But can you guess who it could be?


This warrior seems to be on a mission to defeat the Huns – and has some help from animal companions.


This character is trying to learn as much as they can about quests, and seems to have a keen interest in jewellery as well…


Is this person’s bookcase upside down? Well, I’m sure I’ve seen stranger things…


Books about UFOs, aliens, and a stylish pair of sunglasses – who could this mystery man be?


This person has an interest in both chemistry and New Mexico, as well as great taste in hats. Who could they be?


1. Katniss Everdeen – Hunger Games

2. Mulan – Mulan

3. Frodo Baggins – Lord of the Rings

4. Eleven – Stranger Things

5. Agent Jay – Men in Black

6. Walter White – Breaking Bad

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