Carol Vorderman wows in tight dress as she admits she once ‘snogged policeman’

Carol Vorderman took a trip down memory lane at Headingly Cricket ground as she recalled the time she accepted a saucy bet.

The presenter showed off her curves in a tight, bright blue dress as she posed for snaps for social media.

Under the stunning shots taken at the cricket club she wrote: “I love Headingley. Last time I was here [in the 80s] I ended up snogging a policeman for a bet!”

Carol, 60, always turns heads on her social media, regularly sharing gorgeous pictures with her fans.

She is currently single, and doesn’t mind posting a sexy snap or two.

The maths-whizz recently talked about how many messages she received when she joined celeb dating app, Raya.

Carol says she wasn’t looking for anything long-term during her time on the app.

She said: “A mate of mine said it would be a laugh. A lot of LA people made contact, men and women funnily enough, but it’s not my scene.

“I’m quite happy with my usual way of doing things. But life is never dull.”

Carol also said that Covid restrictions stopped her from “getting up to mischief.”

She was talking BBC1's Morning Live about living alone during lockdown.

Carol explained: "My mum lived with me for decades, you know I was my mum’s full time carer. I’m very sad to say she died a few years ago."

She then cheered up with a wry smile: "But I don’t have those responsibilities now and I always say I love getting up to mischief which lockdown has put a stop to."

Hopefully she’ll be up to more mischief and accepting mischievous bets again soon, as if her dating app experience is anything to go by she won’t be short of volunteers.

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