Cavaliers player Larry Nance Jr. will wear clothing from local businesses to support them during the pandemic

Cleveland Cavaliers forward Larry Nance Jr. has come up with a plan to help local businesses that are struggling during the coronavirus pandemic. In a letter to fans on Wednesday, Nance called on them to send a shirt, hat or piece of apparel from their favorite local business that needs help. 

Nance said he will wear each piece of apparel to a game this year, be photographed and post about the business to bring awareness. 

“Locally owned businesses are some of the pillars of our communities,” the 27-year-old wrote on his social media pages. “They have been, and still are being hit hard by this pandemic.”

Additionally, Nance said he will sell his game-worn jersey and match whatever price it sells for. He said 100% of the proceeds will go to the business represented that night.

“This is our city, these are our communities, let’s help each other in this time of need!” he said. 

Nance, who was born in Ohio and is the son of former Cavaliers player Larry Nance Sr., later tweeted that all apparel would ultimately be donated to local homeless shelters. 

Fans praised Nance for his initiative on Twitter. 

“Larry Nance is currently the beating heart of Cleveland, OH,” one user wrote. 

Another one said: “Proud of former Laker and all around good dude Larry Nance.” 

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