Chef shares little-known supermarket pizza secret that will save you money

A pizza chef has revealed a little-known pizza secret that could save you money on your next supermarket shop.

Appearing on Channel 4 programme Food Unwrapped: Comfort Food Special, pizza maker Cosmo Tamburros revealed there was actually little difference between frozen and "fresh" pizzas.

Presenter Jimmy Doherty pointed out that the chilled, ready-to-eat pizzas come at a hefty price of £4, with some as much as £6, whereas the frozen pizzas are more than 50% cheaper.

He wondered if it's down to the ingredients while making the pizzas.

In last night's episode, Cosmo, whose family has been making pizzas for 30 years, shows Jimmy how he makes both frozen and fresh pizzas from scratch.

He teaches Jimmy to make the dough mix and says the dough can be used for both, whether it's chilled or frozen.

Jimmy then asks: "The toppings, surely those can't be the same on the chilled and frozen pizzas?"

Surprisingly Cosmo reveals they use exactly the same sauce, cheese and pepperoni on both.

"Absolutely the same, Jim," Cosmo adds. "There's no difference at all."

As the workers stack up the pizzas in two piles, Cosmo says one of them is going to a chiller and the other one to the blast freezer.

He explains: "Wastage is a big issue in chilled, you're working with a very perishable product.

"Whereas in frozen pizzas, you have many months' shelf life and wastage is virtually non-existent."

Jimmy concludes that the difference in price goes down to the profit.

"Pizza manufacturers generally make bigger batches of frozen pizza and with that comes economies of scale," he says.

"Fresh pizzas only last about five days and when it reaches its sell-by date, it has to be binned.

"That equals a big loss to the shop, hence the higher price to compensate.

"So next time you pop out to pick up a pizza, you could save yourself some cash by swerving the fresh ones and heading to the freezer.

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