Children’s cartoon is distracting adults who spot ‘scary’ aubergine innuendo

A children's cartoon attempting to promote the healthy habit of eating vegetables has been horrifying adults who think they've spotted a very naughty innendo.

In a clip, TikTok user @meandirtygrimalkin asks "who was in charge of this?" as he shows a clip from Cartoon Network's The Amazing World of Gumball.

The scene in a classroom sees one of the child characters ask a balloon, called Alan Keane, why he can't eat chocolate every day instead of vegetables.

Alan then proceeds to say chocolate is "fun" but veggies are the "cornerstone of a healthy diet" and stuffs an aubergine up his opening to make the point.

Straining as the vegetable goes in, he adds: "And you need to make sure you eat at least five a day."

One of the other characters then pipes up: "If you were talking while you were eating then where did that" but is interrupted by Gumball's goldfish pal.

The video was watched millions of times on the app and thousands of people commented on it, many of whom remembered watching it as kids.

Unfortunately, thanks to the rising use of emojis in texting the aubergine has a rather rude connotation attached to it – as viewers pointed out.

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One person commented: "Whoever animated that you knew what you were doing and I'm scared of you."

"Childhood ruined," said a second viewer.

A third person said: "Cartoon Network has never been for the kids."

"Why does he look so guilty after omg nooo," said someone else.

Recalling another strange moment in the series, another fan piped up: "Did y'all see the episode where Gumball had to reinflate the balloon?

"They didn't show it but the implication is there."

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