Company offers online haircut guidance by professional barbers for £15 and profits go to NHS

We are now many weeks into lockdown and chances are, with all the salons closed, our hair is not looking its best. With fringes hanging over our eyes, roots revealing their true colours and split ends spouting off in every direction.

Either that, or you’ve succumbed to a novelty quarantine cut and shaved it off after one too many housebound G&Ts.

However, all hope is not lost as help is out there. Two friends have created a service called Lockdown Haircut where professional barbers talk customers through cutting their own hair from home on video call.

The hair cut consultation lasts only 20 minutes and costs £15. It can be booked online and the money is split between the NHS and the barber that gives the tutorial.

Additionally if the barbers want they can choose to donate their portion of the cash to the NHS and when you book an appointment you can also add an extra £5 to the NHS if you so wish.

All you need to partake in the consolation is an electric razor/clippers, comb and computer with a webcam. Either they can get a family member or housemate to conduct the hair cut or do it themselves alongside the video guidance of an expert.

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The barbers that are available on the service are all highly qualified and worked in top salons across the the country before the lockdown began.

Dan Silvertown, 27, and Jeroen Sibia, 31, came up with the idea. They are both entrepreneur and have previously co-founded an online recruitment company after working in the city as bankers.

Speaking of the ingenious business they said: "With the prospect of a lockdown extension looming and Zoom video becoming the new normal, we were staring down the barrel of a DIY haircut over the Easter weekend.

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"Keen to avoid the dreaded bowl cut from mum, we tried and failed to find an alternative. And so Lockdown Haircut was born.

"We had the idea Tuesday afternoon and loved the idea so much we basically worked on it non-stop until Thursday morning.

"The reception has been amazing, it shows real community spirit that so far every barber we’re working with has offered to donate their wages to the NHS."

Well done lads!

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