Controversial UFC star Mike Perry flaunts stacks of money on social media after being beaten by Tim Means

MIKE PERRY showed off a huge wad of cash on Instagram following his defeat to Tim Means.

The controversial American, 29, has been left battered and bruised from the showdown at UFC 255.

He lost by unanimous decision, leaving him with a record in UFC of 14-7-0.

Perry has lost six of his last nine fights – but he doesn't seem too bothered.

The flashy fighter sent an Instagram message to his fans while holding a huge bundle of cash.

Speaking to his 582,000 followers, he said "Happy thanksgiving everybody, I hope you are all having a good time with your families. Enjoy some good food today.

"I can't wait to get back into the gym to practice punching harder and slipping and moving, and try again to get my weight round and get to this money.

"You know we got to get the money man. 2021 I'm coming."

As he spoke to the camera, Platnium showed off his black eye as he flaunted his pile of $100 bills.

Perry was forced to hand over $27,000 [£20,240] to Means as he missed the weight for their fight.

As cited by MMA Fighting, Means said: "He gave me $27,000, so I don't care what he does.

"He was sending me Instagram messages like, two weeks ago, eating big cheeseburgers with onion rings on them, stuff like that.

"It looked delicious. He asked me how the weight cut was going.

"I sent him some pictures of broccoli and avocados or whatever.

"I thought the fight went as planned.

"I wasn't really stressed about him not making the weight, I knew he did just enough energy-wise to get within that five pound limit to where we could still have a fight.

"He got up there dancing so I knew he still had plenty of energy.

"I knew he was going to be strong, have a lot of heart, be durable, and that all happened the night of the fight."

Perry missed the weight almost by 5lbs before he carelessly dabbed on the scales.

He tipped the scales at 175.5lb, well over the 171lb limit for Saturday's non-title fight at UFC 255.

Last month, the UFC welterweight star denied abusing his ex-wife.

Perry is now dating Latory Gonzalez, who he has in his corner for his UFC fights.

But she was not impressed after porn star Kendra Lust, 42, offered Perry £4,500 to be in his corner for this month's fight.

A disturbing video from earlier this year also appeared to show Perry punching an old man outside a restaurant in Texas.

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