Couple boost property value by £110k after transforming ‘rundown’ family home

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A mum decided to put her DIY thinking cap on to transform her "rundown" family home.

Lyndsey Gynane, 42, bought the property for £170,000 but now after the transformation it's worth around £280,000.

The mum and her partner, from Liverpool, began working on the home after completing the sale back in April 2018.

Now in a matter of two years, Lyndsey has managed to transform the home to look like an absolute dream.

She told the Liverpool Echo : "We wanted to make it all open and renovate each bedroom and make it into a family home.

"People look at it on Instagram and think it's half a million pound house, but it's not, it's just a three bed semi in Liverpool."

Lyndsey started sharing her home improvements on Instagram, where she has over 130,000 followers.

She added: "It's just gone crazy, it's a little bit mental.

"People are following to see how we've done it, what we've done and also for inspiration.

"While we have hired people to do the major renovations, I've done most of it myself, all the decor is done by me."

The mum-of-two's favourite part of her home is the "spa-like" bathroom or even her open-plan living area.

Now after her transformation, the former mortgage broker started a new business with the help of her growing Instagram followers.

Pictures on her page show just how much the home has changed since she moved in two years ago.

The exterior walls went from pebble dash to fresh white.

Once you step inside the house, the hallway and staircase have also been changed with a new glass banister, carpet and floors.

Meanwhile, in the living room an outdated fireplace and wallpaper was swapped out for a modern fire, skylights and bifolding doors.

Going upstairs, a bathroom and toilet was knocked down to create one larger room.

The open-plan kitchen and living room is at the rear of the property which offers a modern feel.

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