Couple Met on App and Took Third Date to Costa Rica — But Coronavirus Hit and They've Been Stuck

Over the last few weeks, the two have had a crash course in each other, and know more than most couples would this early into their relationship.

"We've just rolled with it and made the most of it," Robertson says. "It's like flipping the concept of dating on its head. It's like we're doing it completely backward. It's almost as if you're on rewind."

With the extra time they've had in Costa Rica, the two have also picked up lessons they'll bring back home, including the local expression "Pura Vida." It means "simple life," and is a credo for many in the country.

"It's kind of been our saying the whole time, just to go with it," Robertson says. "People always say, 'How are you doing? Pura Vida. Everything is good. Make the most of life.' And it's been our motto to get through this."

"Now we're going to get 'Pura Vida' tattoos before we leave here," Le adds. "Whenever that time comes."

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