Couple’s Net Worth Rises To $18.6 Billion For Smartphone Supplying

Hong Kong is home to some of the most innovative designs and technologies that the world has ever seen. With a population of 7.5 million people and a culture thriving with continued economic growth, it comes as no surprise that Hong Kong would be the source of some of the wealthiest, and most powerful entrepreneurs in the world. With an impressive combined net worth of $18.6 million, husband and wife team Yeung Kin-man and Lam Wai-ying of Biel Crystal have seen their wealth rise 133% from this time last year. They are the creators of the glass phone cases that have taken the world by storm and seem to increase in demand as time passes.

According to Forbes, “Biel’s customers include some of the world’s major smartphone makers: Apple, Huawei and Samsung, all of whom need Biel’s glass covers.” With purchasers of this enormity, it’s easy to see how sales can quickly lead to uber-wealth and how it has changed the lives of this billionaire couple.

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When it comes to smart phones, it goes without saying that anyone that has one wants to ensure it is outfitted properly and that it’s perfectly protected.  This is a huge market for anyone to tap in to, and Biel Crystal has done precisely that.

In the ever-emerging industry of cell phone technology and accessories, Biel has taken over the market, putting his corporation and his family at the very top of the food chain and right into spot #4 on the list of the richest couples in Hong Kong.

According to Forbes, the covers are not at all costly to manufacture, but they but “have a high technical barrier to entry.” After initial talks to take the company public, Biel ultimately decided to keep his grasp on his corporation, which has proven to be a wise, lucrative decision.

Glass touch screen technology has been the key to the enormous level of wealth and Biel Crystal shows absolutely no signs of slowing down.

Yeung Kin-Man and Lam Wai-ying have 3 children and their lifestyle reflects that of their earnings. Celebrity Net Worth estimates their massive mansion, which was purchased in 2017, to be worth $360 million.

While this lifestyle and seemingly unattainable level of wealth may seem completely out of reach for many average citizens, readers are reminded about one interesting fact about this billionaire’s fortune… Yeung Kin-Man has made it this far without ever having obtained a college degree.


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