Covid vaccine side effects: Health benefits could include fighting cancer and Alzheimer’s

Dr Amir criticises argument for not taking coronavirus vaccine

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The speed and efficiency in which vaccines have been deployed against coronavirus has been staggering. Early findings suggest the vaccines are having their intended effects. Vaccine benefits are not confined to fending off viruses, however – they can provide a host of additional benefits.

As the Mail Online reports, BCG vaccine, which protects against tuberculosis, is used to treat bladder cancer patients with non-invasive tumours – it is administered directly into the bladder to help the immune system fight the cancer.

Furthermore, bladder cancer patients who receive this therapy are less likely to develop Alzheimer’s, suggests finding from a recent Israeli study.

The mechanisms involved are unclear. Some suggest vaccines can ‘train’ the immune system, strengthening its defences.

This portends potentially positive outcomes for the current vaccination programme that extends beyond containing COVID-19.

Some argue it is not the direct impact on the immune system but the indirect effects of protecting against infection that confers these benefits.

“Suffering measles, tuberculosis or any other infections we vaccinate against can have long-term detrimental effects on our immune system,” Professor Sheena Cruickshank, immunologist from the University of Manchester explained to the Mail Online.

Undermining the immune system can leave you vulnerable to other diseases.

“People vaccinated against these infections will in turn be less likely to suffer other diseases as a result,” Professor Sheena said.

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