Creepy moment woman catches guy taking pics of her as she sunbathes on the beach

A woman has shared footage of a 'creepy' guy taking photos of her as she sunbathed on a beach.

Ruby Dow, from Melbourne, Australia, said she shared the footage to remind other women not to take their safety for granted.

The incident happened when the 21-year-old was sunbathing on the Gold Coast.

She happened to notice the “creepy” spectator who was standing just a few metres away.

Ruby claimed the man had pulled out his phone and started snapping pictures of her for 5 to 10 minutes as he “pretended to take photos of the water".

She decided to retaliate as she pulled out her phone and started filming him.

Ruby said it prompted the onlooker to turn around and quickly leave the beach after releasing he had been rumbled.

She later posted the footage on Tiktok to her @rubydow account as she warned other women to stay safe.

“My intention of posting this incident was solely to remind other women to not take their safety for granted, especially when venturing out alone,” she said.

Many viewers sympathised with Ruby as they admitted they'd had similar experiences.

“I hate that this happened! Some people just need to keep to themselves,” wrote one.

"I had one old buzzard hounding me the last time I went solo it's so s*** you can't sit at the beach and just enjoy it," a second added.

While a third said: “Oh babe I'm so sorry this happened to you! This has happened to me before so I know exactly how scary it feels."

"Yes always be aware, someone was in the bushes at the beach taking photos of my mum," a fourth chimed in.

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