Dad turns his house into a giant ball pit filled with 250,000 balls

A dad-of-four turned his house into an enormous ball pit, filled with 250,000 balls – all without his wife knowing.

Joel Conder wanted to surprise his four daughters: 14-year-old Kaci, 12-year-old Grace, eight-year-old Sophie and two-year-old and Chloe.

The kids weren’t able to attend soft play in the weeks leading up to lockdown because of Sophie’s weak immune system and Joel’s asthma.

So Joel took it upon himself to recreate one of the family’s favourite outings at home – but keeping it a secret from his daughters and wife Sarah.

It’s worth pointing out that this prank took place before UK lockdown, on 15 March (which explains why his family was out the house and why other people help Joel out with the ball pit).

Joel got to work hiring 250,000 balls from adult ball pit company Ballmania, to transform the house into a giant playground. 

But to ensure the family were kept safe from germs, Ballmania brought either brand new balls or ones that had been cleaned and in storage for at least two weeks

In total, it took Joel two hours to fill the house, with the kitchen and lounge almost three foot deep.

Joel said: ‘Kaci, Grace, Sophie and Chloe came home first – everything was worth it just for that reaction.

‘They were shrieking with laughter – Kaci was like, “Mum’s going to kill you.”

‘Then Sarah came home – her face was like ‘oh my god, what have you done?

‘Then she dived in and started playing with all of us.

‘It’s honestly one of the best memories I think we will have.’

The family spent hours playing in the homemade ball pit together and took turns sliding down the stairs in suitcases into the balls.

Joel, who is a YouTube vlogger, shared the video on his channel Dad V Girls – which has more 890,000 subscribers.

The dad-of-four says he’s trying to do more fun things with his family in lockdown and thinks other parents should cherish this time, too.

He said: ‘I know that in many ways, for lots of people, it’s not an ideal situation – people not being able to work and things like this.

‘Let’s just remember that we probably will never get this chance again as families, to all be at home together.

‘Just to have my eldest daughter nagging me to play more board games with her – that just shows me how special this time is.’

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