Deontay Wilder slams Dillian Whyte and claims Brit is the ‘s*** on my toilet paper’ ahead of Tyson Fury trilogy

HEAVYWEIGHT Deontay Wilder has hit back at Dillian Whyte, claiming the Brit is the 's***' on his toilet paper.

Whyte has been calling the Bronze Bomber out ahead of the American's world title fight with Tyson Fury.

Speaking to Sky Sports, the 35-year-old said: "Dillian Whyte could have got this work.

"He ain't nothing but s*** to my toilet paper, that I flushed a year ago.

"But let him keep fighting. Keep going mate. Soon we shall see each other once more and see that he grow some type of balls.

"It doesn't matter to me what he said to me. Silence is golden.

"It's just like having many roaches and when you put that light on, they are going to scatter.

"You are going to kill some, but some of them are going to go get free.

"The ones that get free, you can only hope to get them when you put the lights on again. Run roach run.

"He is the bottom of my feet, the scum between my toes. That's what I look at him."


Whyte, 33, has offered to fight Wilder, telling Sky Sports in April: "I think the public demand for the Wilder fight is already there, to be honest.

"I'll fight Wilder in Alabama, if that's what is going to make him feel secure and safe enough to take the fight.

"If he wants, he can have the home judges, his hometown, whatever. I don't care.

"I'd even fight him in his own home, the kitchen, the garage, the garden, wherever. I just want to get hold of him and hurt him."

He also recently reacted to a video of the American dancing in training, posting it to his Instagram story with the caption: "Mmmmmm, interesting."

The two fighters will only be in a war of words for the foreseeable future as Wilder prepares for his trilogy fight with Fury.

The Bronze Bomber has promised to 'more than punish' the undefeated WBC champ when they meet on July 24.

But Fury isn't underestimating his opponent, calling him 'the most dangerous heavyweight in the world'.

Whyte will be hoping to organise a long-awaited scrap with Wilder once he's finished his battles with the Gypsy King.

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